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    Be courageous to accept your mistakes

    We are all human beings. Day in and day out we will be doing so many works. Sometimes we may be doing some mistakes. To err is human. But when that mistake is highlighted we will not accept our mistake. Instead, we will try to defend our work or try to blame somebody else for those mistakes.

    This happens many times in our work life also. The boss may be doing a mistake. He will try to blame his subordinate or somebody for that mistake and tries to go away from the responsibility of accepting the mistake. One should have the courage to accept his mistake. We should understand our mistakes and we should correct ourselves and we should not again and again do mistakes.

    Everyone should be courageous to accept their mistakes. I would like to know the opinions of our members on this.
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    Rightly said. A very nice, philosophy presented by the author. It takes a lot of courage to accept an error. Should the realisation come from within and should we accept our mistake on our own?

    There is also a quandary with what defines a mistake? Is a mistake something that is done unintentionally, without one's knowledge or is it something that is done, knowingly, with the awareness that the action is wrong? Is it a mistake if one knowingly hoodwinks people, takes advantage of the system? I am confused, on how a mistake should be defined. Is it still a mistake, if it is done repeatedly or will that be something else?

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    When we commit a mistake and if it is pointed out by someone, we should regret and apologize for the mistake. We should not try to argue to prove us right with our mistake. To err is human. We should apologize first and then try to explain the cause for that mistake if required.
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    Human beings are tend to make mistakes. Mistakes can be intentional or unintentional. Intentional mistakes cannot be pardoned. But when we make a mistake by mistake, we could correct that mistake. But generally people have the tendency to justify the mistakes. This leads to arguments and some times ends up with serious consequences.
    By accepting our mistakes we have nothing to loose but only gains.

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    Very thought provoking thread initiated by the author. We should be courageous enough to accept our mistake. Yes, it is very very true that only few people are able to accept their mistakes and most of us are in our false ego do not agree that we have done a mistake what to say of tendering an apology. In that false ego we suffer also to find out that there was no suffering if we had accepted our mistake and apologised for it and that would had kept the matter closed.

    Wise and prudent people make few mistakes but they are quick enough to accept them and then go ahead in life with progressing pace. That is the main reason why they are known as wise and prudent. Egoistic and stubborn people will never agree to accept their mistakes but will have to pay a price for it later in their life.

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    Krishnadas, I like your thoughts on intentional mistakes and that cannot be pardoned. The point is, can something that is done knowingly, be called a mistake? A fraud, a scam or other devious means to achieve one's goals cannot be a mistake. Would it? Can there be a justification for something that is done with the knowledge that it is wrong?

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    In my opinion, things that are carried out intentionally can't be called mistakes. But sometimes without knowing we may be taking actions which may spoil the end results. These can be called as mistakes. I am exactly referring to those mistakes only. Knowingly doing wrong things is not justifiable.
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    Humans can commit mistakes but admitting a mistake needs courage because we often see people bragging of absurd thing when mistake committed by him or her is proven. A person can't run away from his or her mistakes. It is ok to commit mistake as it is in human nature to commit mistakes but not accepting your mistake or trying to prove yourself correct when you are wrong is not a good thing.
    A person, who after committing a mistake, accepts it, is a real hero. It takes a lots of bravery and courage to accept mistake.
    Most people can be seen hiding their mistakes and never come up with the facts but a person with a better sense of responsibility can not bear the burden of carrying mistakes committed with; so, he apologizes without any delay. It is his honesty and sense of responsibility that pushes a person to remain true to himself and his society; and aptly apologizes for his mistake.

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    Mistakes happen and it it human to err. It is always better to accept the mistakes though it requires courage to do so. Intentional mistakes are not pardonable. They deserve severe punishment.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, as the author has mentioned we should be courageous to accept our mistakes. Most of us do not do it because the ego comes in between. Thus, we keep defending ourselves. However, if we learn to accept them, it shows our courage and inner strength. Forgiveness makes a person a better human. When one accepts mistakes, it is important for others to embrace forgiveness. Instead of categorizing wrong into intentional and unintentional, it is important to give others a chance and forgive their wrongdoing from the heart.

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    There is a Telugu poem in Sumathi sathkam "Thappulu anu varu thonda pa thandamulu thama theappulu eruguru" there are many people in this world commit mistakes they will not bother about their mistakes but they try to find mistakes on others. You should be lion-hearted to accept your mistakes...
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    I would be surprised if anyone hasn't made a mistake (unintentional) in their lives. But yet, if we make a mistake most of us are hesitant and some try to pass the blame, wash their hands off or even quietly hush it up.

    I think more than courage we need to have the maturity to accept the mistake. Children, employees, new comers in a field should be taught that genuine mistakes are acceptable and be encouraged to come forward after committing the mistake. This would change the way mistakes are looked at. In the long run, the potential adverse effects of a mistake gone unnoticed or hidden can be avoided. Also, we should avoid the stigma and embarrassment that the person committing the mistake undergoes or has to suffer.

    Although acceptable or pardonable, we should make it clear that repetitive mistakes or intentional mistakes are different would not be left alone.

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    My view on this is different. Forgiveness is divine and all that when we choose to forgive, without a stimulus. If there is a caveat attached and we forgive because a mistake has been acknowledged, then such forgiveness is pointless. If we wait for someone to own up to their wrongs, before we decide to forgive them, then it displays self-righteous behaviour.

    I brought up intentional and unintentional into the discussion because the term, 'mistake' is wrongly appropriated to include deeds that fail to fall under the purview of its conventional connotation. A mistake is a minor folly, that happens unknowingly - a deliberate action cannot qualify as a mistake.

    We are liberal with the use of the word and use it to our advantage. Hence, when someone refers to their deliberate action as a mistake, we are compelled to or expected to forgive. After all, it was just a mistake. The real intent gets cleverly shielded behind the word – it's nothing but manipulation.

    Would a so-called mistake be easily forgiven, if the right term is appropriated to it? It was a mistake sounds so much nicer than it was a theft or it was rape. The wrongdoers don't associate themselves with their wrongdoings; they hide their actions behind the liberal term.

    A mistake is innocent (if I may call it so) in nature, but a deliberate act is devious. It is carried out with the knowledge that it is wrong, and the consequences are known.

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    Looks like someone is not aware of the recent happenings! Or, maybe that someone is pretending....
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    It's obvious that we all commit mistakes but what is important is to accept our mistakes and promise to ourself that we won't repeat the same mistake in future. But usually most of the people fear of accepting their mistakes as they fear that how people will react if they admit.

    We should inculcate a habit of admitting mistakes in our kids in childhood itself so that they may become a responsible person when they grow up.

    I am happy for you Dr Rao that you have shown the courage to accept the mistake you did here in ISC as you have done it in the forum itself. Its very nice thing you did.

    We should always do the same and should leave the consequences on God. Its good for us as people don't like such cunning people who do mistakes and help responsible for others for their mistakes. I always try to do the same in life and I am happy for it.


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