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    Where is gender equality here?

    A day before yesterday when I was going a 7-seater auto(share auto) the auto was suddenly got stopped as the driver requested the male members to push the seven-seater auto the driver even not asking the female passengers to get down from the auto. As I was reluctant to push the auto and another person pushed the auto even it did n't start as I gave my money and took another auto. Is it not customary that Auto driver asked to get down the female passengers? Why not the female passengers will not push the auto? Is Gender equality missing here? Have you had this type of incident in your life pushing a public service vehicle for starting the engine? Share your thoughts here
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    A well thought question from the author about gender equality. In simple, I would say that it is the money power that talks about gender equality, not the muscle power. Hope this would suffice.
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    Gender equality should not be dragged into anything and everything. The auto driver is a gentleman who respects ladies and did not consider instructing or requesting them to help push the auto. At the most, such a gentleman would politely request them to step out while the auto was being pushed to make the load lighter.
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    Gender equality is a Utopian concept. Male and female can't be equal. They can be complementary to each other. Equality can't be forced. In some cases, males have the upper hand. And in other cases, females have the upper hand.

    In this particular case, females have the upper hand.

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    The whole world is fighting for the gender equality and women empowerment and there are perceptible changes in the world albeit more in developed countries as compared to developing ones. Unfortunately, the fight for gender equality is still going on fiercely between its supporters and the opposition and I do not think that we have reached even at the halfway in that pursuit. In some matters we are seeing some equality but in many others it is a long walk to go.

    Till we reach that equilibrium and stage, it will be injustice to the women folks for asking for such trivial matters like one mentioned by the author. I am not for or against the women's lib movement but fact is let us first achieve at least a part of that herculean task of gender equality before going to these small matters.

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    #664478 I recall one of your statement in this thread

    The usual mumbo-jumbo about women being the "weaker" sex!

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    Seven-seater share auto!

    The crux of this gender equality discussion lies with a seven-seater share auto. Since this issue involves gender equality and a seven-seater auto rickshaw, I need to include the latter in the discussion.

    The striking point is that it is a 'share auto'. I am guessing in a gender equality equation that should relate to an 'equal share'. But, it is a seven-seater; so how does it translate to an equal seat sharing? How do an equal number of men and women sit in a seven-seater share auto?

    The gender inequality is right in the face, don't you see it, each time you board a seven-seater auto rickshaw?

    I hope this thread was posted as a joke, otherwise, it is ridiculous how an issue is being trivialised.

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    There are only two males and 5 females in that Seven seater Auto are two males are not equal to 5 females?
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    What has that discussion got to do with this one?! Why take responses out of context? My response there was in reaction to a particular member's comment. Don't make leaps where none are warranted.

    (and why do you persist in addressing members as numbers?)

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    What an appalling remark. As two members rightly stated, the issue is being trivialized and now you are making it worse. Best to lock this thread.

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    My remark about the seven-seater was not with the male and female ratio, in the auto that you were travelling. My point is that it is a SEVEN-SEATER. Do you get what I mean?

    There should be no share autos with odd number seats; all share autos must have even number seats. So, they can be equally divided between the sexes. Half the seats for men and the other half for women. How is that for equality?

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    In many instances, it is a practice to respect ladies and give them a little leverage where physical exertion is required. Even in our houses also when we have to lift heavy weights, gettings into heights the males will be preferred rather than asking ladies to do. Here we should not bring in gender equality. But the ladies in the auto should be courteous enough to get down the auto so that for the persons who are pushing the auto can do that easily. Even a gent who is an old person who can't push the auto may also be spared if such person is there in the auto.
    In a seven-seater auto including the driver, there will be a male driver and seven passengers so total will be eight. So by accepting 4 ladies and 3 gents, the driver can follow gender equality in providing transport.

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