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    Speech is silver, silence is golden.

    Speech is silver, silence is golden. This is a phrase often quoted by the people. It literary means that we should talk but sometimes when there is no point in talking and then we must keep silent as that is more effective then unnecessarily talking something for the sake of talking. Many people follow this golden rule and are benefitted.

    We often see in media in group discussions that there is a competition in talking. One who talks much seems to be on the winning side. The silent one is not able to put up his views even.

    Do you also believe in this doctrine of speech is silver and silence is golden? Should we avoid the situations where we have to talk unnecessarily or control ourselves and refrain from talking? What do you feel about this? How to decide when to talk and when not?
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    Talking less or talking to the extent required is always better. Whenever we speak , first of all we should know whether the other person is interested in listening our speech. The words spoken cannot be taken back. Therefore we should think twice before we speak. We need to listen more than we speak. But some people have the tendency to speak more.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Not speaking is also not correct. For example, if we are participating in a group discussion in the process of getting selected for a job, we should express our views very clearly and we should participate very actively. Then only we will be having the chance of getting selected,
    God has given us two ears and one mouth. So the message is to hear more and talk as much as required onlly. But some people will never hear what others are saying. Simply they go on hammering their point of view only without any thinking about what others are feeling or trying to tell. This is not a good practice.
    These days on TV channels many group discussions that too on political issues are being telecasted. The participants will be some local leaders who never get a chance to speak on TV. So they don't want to leave the chance and they will talk as much as possible. They never hear what the other person is saying also. It will be a very difficult task for the anchor to stop them.

    always confident

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    Silence is golden means that we should not talk uselessly and not allowing others to have their opinion. And only speak when necessary. But we usually see the opportunity to allow others to speak and not cutting short opposite opinion is rarely seen. A lot of noisy scenes are seen in group discussions and those who speak loudly and continuously are endorsed but those who rarely get chance to speak during such debates due to continuous shouts are not paid any attention and die down in the noise of these debates.
    Everyone has the right to have his opinions but loud shouters can't overtake those saner voices who don't get the fair chance to express their ideas. Speech is silver and silence is gold is the appropriate phrase but silence is gold doesn't mean people can shout at you and you stay silent only watching. Unnecessarily speaking is not a good thing but speaking continuously and loudly, not giving others opportunity to share their opinion is also not encouraged.

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    I definitely believe in this phrase. If there is no point in talking then we must remain silent and not continue talking just for the sake of doing it. Moreover, we learn more when we listen. Even when we are in discussions with others, if we hear more we will understand their point of views and their experiences clearly. Instead, we choose to debate and talk more. When we speak we are mere speakers. We close down the scope of learning anything new.

    It is important to keep our viewpoints. Once we do that we need to stop talking and let others say what they have to say. However, most of us continue even after that. They keep on speaking to prove others wrong and themselves right. This is where speech loses its importance because in the scene arrives justifications and ego.

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    My views are different. I think, this phrase especially silence is golden can cause more problems. We live in a world that is highly competitive, at school/colleges, during social interactions, at the office, at crucial interviews or even when it comes to voicing our thoughts against social evils, the phrase silence is golden would have a negative impact.

    Imagine someone quite in the office, it would be taken as being withdrawn, an introvert and this can potentially become a hurdle for the career. For instance during group discussions at college/universities or brain-storming sessions, one needs to talk sensibly with relevance otherwise he/she would be left behind. Similarly if one keeps mum in the face of domestic violence, verbal abuse, etc, we would be failing our part.

    So, silence is golden needs to considered in the given context; yes, we should certainly arrange our thoughts and speak assertively maintain the basic etiquette of conversation and not relying only on our ability to shout loudly.

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