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    Lok Sabha Election 2019: What's the position after the fifth phase?

    The elections up to the fifth Phase has been completed. The percentage of votes in the fifth Phase (62.56%) is slightly higher than the vote percentage in 2014 (61.75%). So, we can say that the print media carrying stories that the voting is low is a pure lie which is being spread with not-so-good intentions.

    The polling percentage is 69.50% for the first phase, 69.44 in second, 68.40 in third and 65.51 in the fourth phase. The percentage for every Phase is marginally higher than that of 2014.

    Till now (fifth phase), the prospects of BJP is very high and the party is expected to post majority on its own. However, the remaining phases are very crucial and these phases would determine how comfortably BJP-led NDA would come to power and how much powerful the opposition would be.
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    The decision of voters is sealed inside the ballot box. Whatever predictions we make now will only be for academic purpose. Every candidate and party in fray are confidently announcing that they are going to win. We will have to wait and watch for the final verdict on the poll counting on 23rd May 2019.
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    The real Thamasha will be seen by us and shown by the political parties only in the evening hours of 23 May when the position of the parties will be known. The behaviour of Modi, Rahul Gandhi will be different. Pull and push can be witnessed. There won't be much from the south, but will be much from UP and other northern states. I don't know how the days passed after 11th April. The ball is still rolling at steady speed. Let us wait for the poll ball to stop. Let us start counting the days.

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    Yes. 23rd is the D day. The suspense will be over and results will be known. If a single party gets the majority there will not be any problem. Otherwise, a lot of negotiations and additions and deletions. A lot of activity. My assumption says that NDA will get a majority. If we see the polling trend, the increase in the percentage is an indication that the ruling NDA is going to get majority seats. They are going to form the government.
    But as mentioned by the other members, the results are sealed in the Ballot Box and the much-awaited result will be known only on 23rd. Till such time there will be so many thinkings and many predictions.

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    The position is good and everybody is confident of winning their respective seats. There is no harm in speculating and the more one is saying she/he is winning the other party is shouting even louder. The ultimate winner in this election is the voters and the EC because both are responsible to make the whole process a successful one. If I say a higher percentage of voter turnout is an indication that people in that locality has some resentment and want some change would it be wrong? Anyway, that's just my guess. Let's wait for the 23rd of May for the final outcome.

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