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    Can the government ban the premiere shows of the movie?

    As there is a new trend going to watch the favorite star or actor movie in the premiere show regardless or irrespective what the cost of the ticket is and there will be huge competition between one fan followers and other fan followers in terms of cost of the ticket. Generally, those who watch premiere shows are students, fan followers and proudly say to others they watch the premier shows with this much cost of the ticket. Do you think the Government should not allow the Premier show of a movie? because the innocent students who are the fan followers by hook or crook mean they get this high amount of money and purchase these tickets and watch the premiere show.
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    The producers are encashing the weakness of the people. The youth are very fond of these cinemas. They will have a hero and they will become the fan followers of a hero. They want to see the movies as early as possible. They never think of money and they never think of wasting the money. Parents will give and they spend. Based on this craze the distributors and cinema theatre owners are making merry.
    It will be good if the government can impose a ban on these premier shows. Otherwise, they can keep a slab on the rates of these premier shows. But they will never do that. Why because they will get proportionately the tax from the ticket amounts. That is a way for the government to get money. So they will never bother about that.
    Some Sense should prevail and people should understand what is right and what is wrong. They should think about what is the benefit they are getting by watching the movie by paying so much money.

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    No. Premiere shows helps the fans and the public to have a physical view of the celebrity stars and other actors from the filmdom. It is an age old practice. Why to stop the practice!

    While in Bombay(Mumbai), I had a chance to look at the great Hindi film stars Sadhana, Nutan,Waheeda Rehman, Asha Pareikh, Helen, Raj Kapoor, Sashi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, during a premiere show of a film(I don't remember the title of the film)at Regal cinema in Colaba area.

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    Premiere show generally indicates that the movie or play is shown for the first time to the public. How can a first show be banned? There will always be a date on which the film is first widely shown to the public and the craze for watching the premiere show is not new. This is going on for ages. Actually, it is better to say that it is the first or opening show of the movie.

    Originally, the premiere show signifies a promotional event where the filmmakers, casts and the press is present. Normally, this show is not for the public and hence banning any of the types is something nobody will think of.

    The cost of the ticket is entirely dependent on the craze and crazy people can do anything as long as the craze remains. A cap on the price of the tickets on the opening show may be a solution but banning is not possible.


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