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    Look what I discovered

    For the last couple of days, I have been active in the Ask Expert section. I have had time to read through some responses and to my dismay, yes, dismay, I have once again found copied content posted there. I have a discerning eye and can smell a rat.

    If this is acceptable then I have found the perfect formula to receive a pay-out, from ISC, each month. However, I know it's not and I also know that it will be a humongous task to check each response, but let me mention that every expert answer that I randomly picked, proved to be have copied content, pasted verbatim. I have provided 7 links to the copied content, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is lots more where this came from.

    Posting copied content sabotages the effort of the other members. Deserving members are deprived of a chance of earning the Wizard for Ask Expert section award and better CC and Revenue Share Bonus. I am refraining myself from putting down how I feel about this. This needs to stop.


    Copied from:

    A loan processing fee is a fee charged to a borrower for processing an application for a loan.
    required for all types of loans and is intended to pay for the costs of the process of loan approval. Different from other types of loan fees, the loan
    Loan application fees will vary by lender. lenders will not charge a loan application fee at all.

    Online lenders generally take the lowest application fee due to automated processing which does not require some of the added expenses associated with traditional loan consultations. Loan application fees are typically most common in a mortgage loan, which includes many ad hoc fees in addition to the monthly interest.

    their credit score and the standard approval requirements for the type of loan to ensure that the application fee will not be lost.

    fees can vary significantly among different types of lenders. Researching loan options and application fees with various competitors can result in hundreds of. Some lenders may also waive through negotiation or on comparison with other competitor


    copied from two sites –

    many exercises that can teach how to fix posture are easy to perform.
    your home and without investing a lot of money.
    The plank strengthens several abdominal muscles while also working the shoulders and back. Practice the plank by lying
    Raise yourself so your arms are straight and you're balancing equally on your hands and toes.
    lie on your back, knees bent.
    feet flat on the floor. Your hands behind your head.
    you exhale, lift your right shoulder from the floor while rotating toward the left.
    inhale and lower your shoulder back to the floor. Repeat the same on the other side to complete one round.
    your head in line with your spine.
    gently lift your shoulders as far off the floor as possible. Then return to the starting position.
    lying face down on the floor with arms straight over your head.
    lift the left arm and right leg while keeping the elbow and knee straight. .
    an amino acid protein profile.
    contains key nutrients like Vitamin B12, B3, B6, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and many other vitamins and minerals.

    high amounts of Vitamin K, C, B5, B6 and E.
    key minerals, such as folate, potassium and low amounts of magnesium and manganese, copper, iron and zinc.

    Nuts are packed with fibre, protein, healthy fat, vitamin E, Manganese and Magnesium. contain around 150 calories, although about 25% of these calories aren't actually absorbed as nuts are very hard for the body to digest.

    amazing concentration of Medium Chain Triglycerides which are rapidly metabolized and provide quick energy


    Copied from


    Copied from two sites -


    Copied from two sites -


    copied from -


    copied from -
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    It's really painstaking research. Really great job done. I have no hesitation to admit.

    Although I don't bother to do in-depth analysis of answers, I do understand that in some cases, the concerned Editors don't do proper justice to the answers. Evaluation is not always proper.

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    I am surprised that this was not found out earlier, considering many regular members would have played the 'Guess the Author' game. One read, was enough for me to know that something was amiss. Hadn't seen such grammar and vocabulary on the forum. Checking if the content is copied from another source is really easy, so it wasn't really as painstaking a job as it appears.

    The editors are not being targeted, but they unintentionally become part of this controversy because of their involvement. I wanted to highlight a bigger issue that is going on, blatantly, for months, maybe years.

    After many tries, I found a response to a query by the ME. Most of the queries posted by her weren't answered! Look below – the first line has been lifted verbatim as also parts of the other text.

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    Superb job that would have taken a lot of time apart from the author's intellect. Having been in the AE section long back as a topper for many months, It is embarrassing to hear about copied content.

    What I feel is, we cannot have original knowledge about a particular topic unless we have studied it or have gained practical experience. Apart from some unique situations, often the answers for the questions exist out there in the vast internet. We ( members in AE) are doing the search on behalf of the person asking the questions. While it may be acceptable to draw from the internet resources, we should make a conscious effort to use our own language, writing skills and thoughts to formulate the answers and not copy it verbatim.

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    Thanks for reporting this. We will take this issue seriously and check it out.
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    Superb findings. Author has taken much pains to highlight the copied contents here and there. Being a regular contributor in Ask Expert section, I am also surprised with these detailed findings. Most of the people working in online forums read the material, research and then present in their own language rather than copying the contents. I agree, copying tantamount to plagiarism, no doubt on that.
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    It's really disheartening and thanks to Juana Ma'am for doing detailed research. It is really painful to find such copied contents in a reputed website like ISC and something should be done in this regard.

    I am sure the editors are aware of Copyscape ( It is a software that helps to detect plagiarism. I am not much aware of its use but just now after going through this thread I pasted the link of the questions and when I searched I found the plagiarised portions highlighted. I am not aware of this software's drawbacks either but heard from others that this is a good way to check whether the contents are copied. This may be a good way to check all the contents.


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    I was as disheartened as you when I found the plagiarised content. It is up to the editors now, to weed out 'all' the plagiarised material, not just that reported here and ensure that this is not repeated. This is the second instance, in less than a year, of the same thing happening again.

    I am responding to your comment.

    In hindsight, I realise that it was perhaps wrong to have highlighted two lapses in one thread. Though it was totally unintentional, I realised how bad it must look, to you, only after you pointed out that I could have posted it in this thread. What a terrible blunder on my part.

    I am guessing that is what must have gone on in your mind, for you to have posted that comment. You could have edited my post and shifted the links here; it wouldn't have worried me. My post was innocuous, in comparison to the issue that I had raised, but I understand that it's vital to maintain a semblance of order, even within chaos. So, you were right in telling me where I should have posted something. I am so glad you did that, giving directives is so important.

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