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    This debate has died down now

    Let me take you back to a period in the mid or late 90s when the Mobile phones began to enter the Indian market. At that time, mobile phones were mostly for businessmen and affluent people who could afford it. You may remember, the telecom companies used to charge the customers for receiving calls and outgoing call charges were too high. Everything has changed and now you will hardly find anyone without a mobile device. It's a necessity nowadays and at present, there are not many telecom service providers in the Indian market.

    Earlier, even five years ago people used to debate over the advantages and disadvantages of a prepaid or postpaid mobile connection. We used to hear that someone must choose plans depending on the usage. Postpaid connections were used mostly by professionals whose usage is always on the higher side. There were SMS packs also where you could have sent thousands of texts by paying a little amount. How things have changed now with the advent of high-speed mobile data and the call and texts are almost free in most of the prepaid tariff plans excepting in case of the basic plans. I do not know whether any service provider is offering basic postpaid plans with monthly rentals less than Rs 250. If you calculate, it comes to almost close to Rs 300 that you have to shell out to keep the postpaid connection whereas there are many attractive prepaid plans where you can pay less than Rs 200 for 28 days to enjoy unlimited calls bundled with a huge amount of data. In this scenario is there anybody willing to opt for the postpaid plans?
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    It is true. In the late 1990s, only mobile phones usage started. As the item was costly. only rich people and top officials were only using these phones. People used to think holding a mobile in the hand is a status symbol. But slowly the things started changing and these days there is no person without a mobile. After JIO coming into the market, there is a lot of change and it has become a price war between the service providers. Many small players forced to leave the field. But there is no change in the usage. Now the cost of a cell phone is high but monthly amounts we pay are very low. In 2001 and 2002 I used to pay Rs.5000 to Rs.6000/- towards my mobile bill. Now I pay about Rs.600/- for the two numbers I have. That is the difference. Now even data also being given to postpaid users also free on so much for the day and can be accumulated. The data they are giving is very high and every month some free data will roll over to the next month. Even when we are on tour we can use this data and it will be very useful as we don't have a wifi connection when we go outside.
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    Gone are the days when we used to go to the STD booths for talking to our near and dear ones. People had to go to STD booths for making phone calls and even clarity of voice wasn't that good, adding more such calls were expensive. I have on lot of occasions used STD for calling my near and dear ones.

    But today we can see a whole lot of difference when almost everyone has a smartphone in his pocket and always stays connected to family members and loved ones; thanks to the mobile network connectivity. This an amazing shift of mobile network with operators providing good traffic plans for its customers. These days we have so many tariff plans from different mobile network companies especially from JIO who is giving tuff competition to the other networks. JIO has very affordable plans for customers for prepaid as well in postpaid connection. To make postpaid connections even more affordable jio has a monthly rental plan of Rs 10 with the other monthly plans. Even Airtel is coming up with the same person post plans for extending the customer base.

    From 1990s there has been a huge transformation in mobile network connectivity and people are getting nice plans according to their usage. Plans now are very affordable with a nice internet speed. This really a great achievement in telecomminication network.

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    Due to technological advancement and competitions among Telecom service providers has resulted in drastic reduction in charges on mobile phones. During 1990 mobile was a luxury. I still remember people used to keep the large mobile set tied on their waist. Those days the both incoming and outgoing call were charged and the rate of charge was very high some thing like Rs.15/- per minute.

    Now the mobile handset as well as the call and data charges have become very cheap. It has become affordable to everyone. Consequent to introduction of 5 G technology, we hope to see more facilities in mobile telephony .

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    Mobile phone call rates and data charges have been gone down considerably and today a prepaid data cum call connection is available for merely Rs 150 per month. For example Reliance Jio is giving Rs 450 plan for about a period of 90 days which correspond to Rs 150 approximately. On scan use data unto 1.5 GB and can have unlimited calls and 100 SMS. Likewise Airtell is also giving a almost similar plan. So, there is no point in keeping a postpaid plan when such lucrative prepaid plans are available.
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