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    Do you still watch cartoons on Television?

    In olden days we have a few cartoons named Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, Superman, Donald Duck. Now there are separate channels for cartoons As my daughter (age 8 years) is fond of watching cartoons on Television and in computer as she watches almost all cartoons like Mr. Bean, Masha, and the bear, Chota Bheem, Raju, Supercop, Buddhadeb and Badri Nath, Krishna e.t.c as we turn on a Television she will come and change the channel to Kids Channels some times when we watch them unexpectedly we find some cartoons episodes interesting .Do you watch cartoons at this age? What are the cartoons that you like the most? Please share your comments on this.

    (Note: who discuss in this forum responses age should be above 12 years).
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    I was addicted to watching cartoons, in my childhood but not now when I have plenty of other things to watch. As you mentioned that your daughter doesn't allow you to watch other channels except for the kid's channel, similarly at my home too the kids are very passionate about the cartoon channel. My kids too watch Doraemon, Badrinath etc. And sometimes I too feel them good so I too watch these cartoons along with them. Few of the programs like Doraemon are too good to watch. In our days there were few options. Tom and Jerry is the best cartoon I have ever watched. Even my kids say it they never miss it. Chota Bheem is also one of the cartoons which is liked among the kids. It's because Chota bheem resembles a local boy. Badri is famous because of the comedy the two kids make in it. But up to a certain level, I watch them but after a long time, I get bored of watching them.

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    There are lots of Cartoons which we had watched and love to watch now also. The characters like Micky mouse, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Daffy duck, Donald duck etc., cannot be forgotten. The stories used to be very interesting not only for children but also to adults.
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    I was also watching them regularly but gradually I stopped it as I was busy elsewhere in the internet for creative writing work. Now I do not get time for them though I still find them interesting and amusing. Cartoons are a great way to enjoy and pass time. They are the real stress busters. If I get time I may again resort to them one day.
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