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    Discuss - What happens when Economics replaces Politics as a medium to resolve public issues?

    In the context of elections, it is pertinent to discuss the increasing role of economics in Public issues. Post LPG era, we are witnessing an increasing role of private players. 30 years back we could not have imagined getting communication accessibility or access to roads and many such things via private players. Today, in the name of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization) increasingly electricity, water supply, sewage, Education, access to public spaces and everything we obtain from the private sector by contracts, subletting, revenue sharing models and sometimes the outright sale of PSUs of erstwhile Government resources. Now, who are these private players accountable to? Is money going to control everything? Are elections going to become a mere measure to select administrators who have no control over people's lives? Are public questions going to become based on economics decision making instead of politics in the future?
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    The reason for me bringing this issues at an election time is we must also analyse the effect Privatization is going to have on us part from the efficiency and cost effective measures being much discussed about. This topic has much relevance to elections be it any party that comes to power.

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    Everyone knows that privatisation is required for efficiency and progress but at the same time strict Govt vigil is also required on the private players so that they do not go for economic offences.
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    In a way, privatisation is a good step. At least we can get the things done. There will be somebody to answer. If we are travelling on a toll road we have to pay toll tax. But if the road is not maintained properly we can question the person who is collecting the money. Otherwise, there is nobody to answer our problems. When these services are under government, the condition of roads is very bad and travelling was a big problem.
    If there is a BSNL landline problem, they take more time to solve the problem than an Airtel landline or any other private operator.
    But while allocating the works and giving the contracts there should be transparency and people should not be penalised with a heavy price.

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    In our country the era of Govt role everywhere is bygone now and things are now totally in a different set up. We are going ahead for privatisation with big thrust and people will have to search the jobs there only. The time is coming when students will have to choose the industry of their choice with low starting salaries and the good performers will only rise up in the ladder. This paradigm shift was well understood but still some people are looking up to the Govt for white collar or easy jobs but there is no way now as we have already crossed that stage. Now there will not be any free lunch and an easy job as the individual will have to prove his worth in the private industrial world where a lot of competition is already created. So economic policies of the Govt are bringing a lot of different thinking in our day to day life and the society will definitely be affected by it in many ways and only the coming times will be telling whether it was a good decision or not.
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    In this thread, the author has raised a pertinent question about the accountability of the private players setting up businesses in the country. Is there any accountability on the part of the government if the job is not done? When we go to any government office for a particular task, in many cases we are harassed in some way or the other. We all know the attitude of the people working in the government sector. Not everybody is of the same type but there are a lot who are not at all serious. Government is not paying the people any compensation for that. On the other hand, private companies are very much concerned about their customers because they know if the customers do not get proper service they will find some other service providers. There are many employees in the private sector who lose their jobs because their performance is not up to the mark. Hardly any government employee is punished if they do not seriously perform. If their performance is extremely poor they are transferred to a distant location. When the government itself is not accountable to the people, barring a few sectors, they do not bother much about the accountability of private farms setting up businesses as long as the rule book is followed.

    If the government performs extremely bad during its term, we can only vote them out in the next election. Other than that we can only express our frustration. Post LPG era, everybody is interested in making money. Everything is decided by economics these days, otherwise when the growth of this country is so fast, at least according to statistics, why there is huge unemployment and why so many people still remained poor? It is because the economy is not evenly distributed. Some are making more money and some remain poor. Who is accountable for this?


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