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    What is your opinion on actor turned to politician?

    We see many actors from now either in Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood e.t.c so many actors turned in to politician some of them are successful and some of them are failed. As we see in olden days N.T.R Jayalalitha achieved success in terms of achieving Chief Ministerial post but Chiranjeevi, Amitabh Bachan, Krishna, Vijayakanth has failures. Pavan Kalyan, Kamal Hasan, Rajanikanth future is yet to know in the political arena. Some people are saying because there are no call sheets in movies those actors are turning in to politicians. Do you agree with that? Please comment on this.
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    I think in India celebrities easily win in elections because people like them in movies as they in all movies kill evil. But in real life not necessary they are a hero. Hema Malini was a great actress of her time but I have talked to people of Mathura they say that she is seen rarely there. Similarly, there are many actors who MPs or MLA's but they are not fit to be.

    I remember in 1991 elections Rajesh Khanna fought against AK Adwani (very famous politician of that time) in Delhi. Everyone was expecting that Adwani will win easily but that didn't happen he won marginally. I was surprised at how people voted Rajesh Khanna even though they didn't much about him they just knew that he was a superstar of his time and that status paid him.

    It's very sad that people value their celebrity status more than anything. And I don't think that celebrities know the ABC of the job MP or MLA has to do in his or her constituency.


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    It has become a fashion and passion for the film stars to be an MP or MLA to be more popular in films and politics. As an MP or MLA they can escape from law, IT, and criminal cases. It acts like a shield for their misdoings. Very few actor turned politicians were successful viz MGR. NTR, and JJ.
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    Political parties are taking advantage of the mass following of film actors. The actors are popular among the people and also they have huge fan following. But how these fan following will converts in to votes is a question mark. There are many actors who have become successful in politics. T name a few, MGR, NTR etc.,
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    It is the craze people are having towards the cinema actors making them important. This trend is very much prominent in the south. MGR in Tamilnadu and NTR in Andhra Pradesh started this trend. By seeing them many people thought of going into this line. But all of them may not be as successful as these two. After them Jayalalitha in Tamilnadu created history. In AP Chiranjeevi tried and filed. But he also made a lot of money in his attempt.
    Once the political parties observed the trend of people, they started inviting cinema actors into their parties. Now you can see many cinema people in politics. Vijayashanthi is one actress who made a lot of efforts in politics. Now she is Congress.
    The following these actors have in the people made it possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult. Now slowly the people are changing. They are able to differentiate between acting and politics. That is why Chiranjeevi even though is having a good fan following couldn't win the battle.

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