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    Why not treat them equally by the committee?

    This is in continuation of an old thread on CJI seeking justice.

    The CJI has been declared Mr. Clean by the three judge committee.
    It is an ex-parte decision.
    The proceedings of committee report is kept confidential.
    No one can see it and challenge it.
    A copy of the report has been handed over to the accused (CJI)
    No copy of the report is given to the complainant (the SC staff)

    Now the complainant demands a copy of the report from the committee.
    Many women organisations and lawyers support her demand.

    While the accused can have a copy, why not the complainant? A question asked by the public.
    Is she right? Has she the right to get it? What do you think?
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    Why there is no response to this thread from our intelligent members? This is a hot issue. Many women advocates are protesting against the CC (Clean Chit) to CJI and alleged injustice to a woman.

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    The lack of the knowledge of law and constitutional clauses is the main reason that people shy to comment on such posts. I also belong to that so I was also not able to make a knowledgeable comment on this post. Still there is no harm in telling ones feelings about the issue. There might be some strictures in our law where top post holders like CJI/ President/ PM etc are to be handled in a separate confidential ways than that of the ordinary mortals like us and in that case this issue can be understood. I am not aware about those legal prescriptions but this is my guess only. From a common sense point of view such thing should not be there and it should be transparent to the accused as well as to the complainant.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There is valid point in your post
    Why the copy of the report is not giving to the complainant? I think,she has the right to get it.

    Why the people,those who vociferously fought in the "me too " movement are silent in this case? Where are they now?? May be due to the reason that the complainant is not from the glamour world.

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    Due to the various information coming about this case in the media and that too at the election time, the complainant lost sympathy of the public and as court has dismissed the case so easily means there was no substance in the complainant case. Still the court decision should be communicated to the complainant along with the decision copy as per the laid out procedures in the matter. The lawyer of the complainant should fight for this.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    No one is above the law, may it be the President or Prime Minister or CJI. Law should be same for all irrespective of their position and status.

    If POI is accused, CJI should order an enquiry.
    If PM is accused, the POI should order an enquiry.
    IF CJI is accused, the POI should order an enquiry.

    The enquiry should be transparent, and should be made public, as POI, PM and CJI are the senior public servants of a nation.

    An accused can never be an investigating Head or member of the enquiry committee as it happened in this SH (Sexual Harassment)case inside the SC.

    By not hearing the complainant, and not heeding her request to have a lawyer to argue with the three judges, and closing the case with an ex-parte decision as no substance, and keeping the proceedings as confidential, handing over a copy of the proceeding to the accused and not to the complainant is not a justice to the complainant or the public.

    @ India is a country where justice prevailed. King Manu Neethi Cholan heard a complaint from a cow that its calf was killed by the prince by running his chariot over the calf, and the King punished his son by running his chariot over the prince. That was real justice.

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    In my opinion, she should be given a copy of the report. In these cases, transparency is required. Otherwise, people will think that there is something fishy. People should not get any doubt on the proper functioning of the judiciary.
    But why the committee refused is not known. Probably CJI is the highest person in the Judiciary system and hence the details of the case in which he was an accused may have to be kept confidential.
    Anyhow, she may file a case again asking for justice and asking for a copy of the committee's findings. Let us wait and see, what is going to happen.

    always confident

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