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    Do you aware of Potluck?

    In a company where different employees in an organization have to bring different homemade or home cooked food items for the lunch or a meal or a party to be shared. Have you ever experienced this in your working companies? It will bring harmony(unity) among the employees in an organization and at the same time you can experience different tastes of food(feast). Do you think it is a great idea to share the homemade dishes in an organization? or you still believe it's a time pass activity Please Comment on this.
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    Potluck parties are quite common among ladies. The ladies club generally have this kind of gettogether. The group decide and distribute the menu to each member. On the day of the party the home made food items are arranged and served to all the guests. This works our quite economical. Otherwise the clubs have spend huge money on catering.
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    Potluck is very common in some companies where people what to have a better understanding and togetherness. In our earlies company, we used to have this. Monthly once we used to meet. The venue will be the residence of one of the participants. All others will come with one dish made in their house. If any unmarried or forced bachelors who can't bring cooked food were used to bring ice cream or some snacks from outside shops. All people used to come with families and about 4 or 5 hours will be spent together and leave. This gives a chance to the families of the employees also to come together. We used to enjoy this very much. The required arrangements were being made by the owner of the place where we were meeting that month. All vegetarian dishes only were coming and someone will be bringing some fruits. No drinks were allowed in the party. This is how we were conducting potluck in that organisation. The present organisation is a big company and there are no such activities.
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