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    Can we cap the donations and fees of private schools?

    Another academic year has gone by,family and children would be on vacation. As families enjoy the summer holidays, some would have an apprehension in the back on their minds.

    The apprehension would be about funding for a new academic year, funding for enrolling their kids for the first time in the nursery and higher standards.

    As parents, we want to give the best to our children, a good head-start and as a trade off we abide by the norms dictated by the good private school brands. It is this simple desire/wish that the private institutions/ schools cash on. We at times struggle to pay the ridiculously high donations, building funds and or annual tuition fees.

    The government recently capped the fees on some medical implants/devices (stents/joints etc). Can the government or the key education policy makers, set the fee slab for the respective classes based on the infrastructure,standard of teaching imparted etc? Can parents fight against the high costs?
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    My basic question is why people are more fond of private Schools. Instead of complaining about exorbitant fees in private Schools, we should send our children to Government Schools. Children will study wherever they are admitted wither private or Government. Admission to high profile private schools has become a status symbol for the rich. In olden days , we had only Government Schools. Where did CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Narayana Murthy study?. We are living in a complex situation.

    No doubt the Government Schools have lost their image due to lack of support from the Government and also due to lack of good teachers. Government should take initiative to improve the conditions of Government Schools. This will automatically put control on the private Schools. Now the Private Schools are dictating terms because the demand from the people for school admission is very high. I have seen reports that parents sleep overnight at the Schools to get the application form for admission of their child.

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    These days education is a business. All the corporate colleges, schools and other institutions are run for profit only. The management of these schools and Institutes are in the good books of the government and hence they are getting a free hand in deciding the fees and other charges. In a high school run by a corporate, the students of 8th class have to purchase a tablet and maintain all the notes and other important information in that. And the students can't purchase that tablet outside and the school only will sell those. Then how the student will have the habit of writing?
    I feel for this trend the parents are responsible. They want their children to be studied in corporate schools only and they think that they will get a good education in these institutes only. That is why these people are increasing fees like anything.
    The government will never go for a cap on the fees because all the management of these corporate schools are somehow related to the people in the government and they will have understanding in this issue.

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    Our educational institutions are the abode of knowledge. They are responsible for providing education to the students but our educational institutions are not that well maintained or regulated by authorities. In our Govt institutions, the educational system is not encouraging which forces parents to admit their children in private educational institutions where they demand a hefty amount as a fee.
    Govt is responsible for not looking into the private educational institutions and at the same time, Govt should pay heed towards the Govt schools. While parents who can afford to admit their children in private schools but those who couldn't admit their children in these schools enrol them in Govt schools where they lack proper facilities for quality education. However, I can't brand all govt educational institutions as below excellence, there are many Govt educational institutions that provide better education and facilities to the students. The only thing they need is a bit of attention to improve the educational setup, so all rich and poor can get equal opportunity to learn in these institutions. Private schools should also be properly screened to stop them from being a business machine rather than educational institutions.

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    Mr.Krishnadas: 'why people are fond of private schools?.
    Barring a handful of government schools, the standards and infrastructure in the rest would be far from the basic requirements, hence most parents would send their children to private schools. Yes, students can study anywhere but for an average child, he/she would need a good school, decent marks, decent extracurricular activities so that their parents can get them into universities without much trouble. Hence, once again, the education up to 10th and 12th plays a crucial role, most of us would not risk by not admitting our children in private schools.

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    I think the choice of private schools is decided by the parents rather than the promising students. The students are the mere spectators in the choice process of guardians.
    Recent declaration of result of both Class ten and twelve conducted by CBSE has revealed that government run schools or run by municipalities have displayed outstanding results as much as 97 marks in both the classes of CBSE Boards. This s applicable to both the genders and in some cases, the girl - candidates have outshined indicating that performance of aspirants are not dependant upon schools demanding exorbitant fees by ways of quality education. Recent results of the government school should serve as eye opener for the guardians giving much stress of top quality schools.

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    There is no doubt that the infrastructure facilities need to be improved in Government Schools. Instead of seeking fee concession from Private Schools we should fight with the Government to provide more funds to Government Schools and recruit sufficient number of Good teachers. Many Government Schools are getting closed due to shortage of children. The closure of Government Schools are helping the private schools to dictate their terms in fixing the fees. The improvement of Government Schools and we sending our children to Government schools put a break on the Private Schools in their whims and fancies in fixing the fees.

    With regard to teachers in Government Schools, Government of India started initiative Vidyanjali -A school Volunteer programme. []. Under this programme 3487 eminent professionals across the Country have volunteered to take up part time teaching in Government Schools.

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    One more round of demonatization of currencies can reduce the capitation fee of the private school/college/universities etc.
    IT officials found over 40 Cr cash in one single college alone in Bangalore which was unaccounted for,before currency ban.In TN alone,one small management institute concealed 450 cr,admitted by management itself.90% of medical colleges in India are owned by politicians and or their kins.

    Education lobby and Realty lobby are controlling mejority of the election funding.They carry the liquid cash.

    This year is relatively better.
    Demonatization followed up with strong Lokayukta and better checks and balances can solve this issue,I feel.

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    Some of the private educational institutions are increasing their fees regularly and it is at such a level that only a few can afford that. They are charging these huge fees in the name of better infrastructure and facilities along with good education. I think it is high time that Govt should interfere in it and put a cap on it.
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    In our country Govt is also present in education sector as a big entity and private enterprises are also running their educational empires. Unfortunately due to the casual approach of teaching in many of the Govt institutions, people want to send their wards to the private colleges. But not all of them can afford that type of fee structure so only the rich can think of that. So this is becoming a partition wall between the rich and the mediocre in our country. At this stage how Govt can force these institutions to curb heir fee structure is a thing to ponder. If they are giving good facilities and the parents are happy with those private institutions then how to bring them under Govt control. This is a question which must be baffling the top officials of our country as more and more voices are going to be there against these ever increasing steep fees.
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    This can not be stopped unless a strict action is taken against private schools and colleges. From many years I have been hearing that the school fee of private schools will be controlled but nothing has happened till now. No one has bothered to do it. My kids have come in 6th standard and I had to pay in total 80k rupees in total at the start of the session. Its huge amount for a middle-class person. Fees in government school are less no doubt but the infrastructure is far behind if compared to the private schools also there is no pressure on the teachers there, they teach as per their wish. If they are not in a mood to teach then they don't teach. This is the reason private schools take advantage as they know people won't send their kids in government schools. If the government schools also become like private schools, fees will automatically come down. The government should think about it.

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