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    Pranayam- A breathing excercise for healthy life

    Pranayam is considered as one of the effective breathing exercise. It is also called as science of breathing. There are many advantages of doing paranayam. Some of the important Pranayams are Anuloma - Viloma, Kapalabhati, Bhramari etc.,

    Pranayam helps us to cure many health related to problems. I practice Pranayam everyday for a minimum of 15 Minutes. I have personally experienced many benefits out of Pranayam.

    What is the experience of other members on Pranayam?
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    Pranayam is always beneficial to our mind and body. It helps to control our breathing which in turn is effective to reduce anxiety. If we notice our breathing we will find that when we are tensed, we breathe very fast whereas it becomes slow when we are very relaxed. The maximum amount of toxins are released from our body when we breathe out. Pranayam or breathing exercise must be practised regularly and one should not expect magical results from Pranayam for controlling anxiety. This control comes from practice and therefore has to be done regularly. Every cell in our body needs oxygen and these exercises help to spread it to every part of the body within a short span.

    My experience with Pranayam is quite good. I practice it almost on a regular basis and whenever I am tensed I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breath. It is always relaxing and helps to control my own actions.


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    Performing Pranayam daily results in many benefits. It provides relaxation to body and mind and reduces stress. It also helps us to improve our concentration.
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    Pranayam is a well known way of keeping fit and maintain good health. That is why in the mornings when we perform pooja there is a process of doing pranayam in that. This will be there in the beginning of the Pooja and many people perform this for keeping good health. This is a basic exercise one should do every day for some time. It will be useful to reduce stress and get relaxed for sometime and gives freshness to the mind. This can be done by all people without any problem.
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    Pranayam is a basically breathing exercise which rejuvenates the mind and body both. It is a scientific fact that deep breath will give us enough amount of oxygen to the lungs which is necessary to enrich the blood with it and which has to carry it to various parts of the body. Removal of the carbon dioxide is another benefit in releasing the breath.

    Pranayam has been used in our culture by the saints and yogis alike and its benefits were realised by them. There is no doubt that it is one of the best yoga exercise to keep the mind and body in sound conditions.

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    Pranayam is well elaborated and well explained in our culture and mythology and is an old age established method for toning the body for well being. It is a part of the Yoga where different methods and postures are used to clean the body for its lethargy and laziness.
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    Pranayama is a complete breathing exercise which relieves stress, depression, and hypertension. From ancient time, people are practising it. Pranayama increases the positive energy level in the body and removes toxins. Pranayama (breathing exercises) supplies more oxygen to the body. Anyone who is above 10 years old can enjoy doing it. There are lots of benefits of doing it, few if they are:

    It improves blood circulation, it helps to make our mind fresh, improves concentration,
    Cure asthma, headache, migraine, neurological problems, depression, gastric problems, keeps away the heart-related problems, releases stress and depressions, build up self-confidence.

    It should be done empty stomach to get better results. It can be done in the morning or evening but there should be a gap of at least 5 hours before doing it. It should be done in a clean place and where there is fresh air. It's good to do it because these days heart-related problems are very frequent and by doing it one can avoid heart-related issues.


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