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    Do you have a curiosity to know others life?

    As some people always have a curiosity to know others life as they will pose several questions on their family matters and how they live what their father and mother doing and how many brothers and sisters like this to know their economic condition and as well as their habits.As some people will tell and some people won't expose the internal family matters. Do you have the curiosity to know others life? If somebody tells about their family matters do you listen or not? Please share your comments on this
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    Such a curiosity should be discouraged as it intrudes the personal space of the person in question. If people are very good friends, then such questions would not be frowned upon. It is better to aviod being so inquisitive because, such people (asking the questions) would be shunned by others (people being questions) around them.

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    Yes, I have that habit of knowing about the personal life of people but for friends only otherwise not. Few people have that habit to know everything about other's personal lives even though they don't have any link with it. Such people want to know everything about others even though the information has nothing to do with them. I know few such people they do have the habit of knowing about others and they won't tell anything about them. Also, I have encountered people who themselves tell about their personal life without knowing it if the listener is interested or not. They will just tell as if the listener will do something for them. Such people want some sort of sympathy for them. Or maybe they want financial help from others.

    These people are frequently prevalent in our society and if possible we should avoid such people as they may be harmful to us.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    An interesting post by the author. There are many people who have this habit of enquiring about others and get the details as far as possible. Some of them do it innocently and tell about themselves also to the similar details. But some others do it for mean purposes of discussing it with others and enjoy the responses and effects of disclosing interesting things about others. We should be careful of these cunning people who for passing their time and just for the fun of it do such low level activities. Some people have too much of the curiosity and can not control themselves and start asking personal questions also and in that process break the boundaries of etiquette also. It is sometimes dangerous to do that as it is said that curiosity kills the cat.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Some people are very inquisitive to know the personal life of other persons. They pose several questions to other person to gather the details. It is not proper for us to ask personal questions unless the other person voluntarily shares the same with us. We should share our personal details only with the known people. Sharing the personal details with unknown people has its own danger.

    I have seen some people gather personal information about others and they use this for gossiping and scandalizing .

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Generally, I will never show much inquisitiveness in knowing about others as long as it is not required. But when somebody approaches for some help or for any other reason I will try to know about them that to as much required only. I have no time to inquire about the details of others.
    Yes. There may be some people who show interest in the details of other people and try to give unnecessary advises and suggestions even though not asked for.
    But knowing the name and about the family is not a problem but asking many details and going into their financial matters is not a good sign. Anyhow different people will have different attitudes and we have to go along with all people as we are living in a society.

    always confident

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