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    They used to enjoy power cuts!

    Power cuts are not so severe these days, at least in this part of West Bengal where I am staying. In the city, there are no power cuts at all unless there is any major breakdown. Though there are still many places in the country where severe power cuts are experienced throughout the year, the situation has improved from earlier days. Obviously, the reason is a higher generation of power and improvement in distribution techniques. Everybody can imagine how it feels when there is a power cut. Those who have a backup system, its good and those who do not have to suffer a lot during the period.

    But have you ever enjoyed power cuts? I do not remember to enjoy those moments when there was no power may be because, during my childhood, it was a bit frequent. The other day I was chatting with a few of my relatives who stay in the city, i.e. in proper Kolkata. They were my uncles and aunties. I was surprised when they said they enjoyed the power cuts in their childhood, even my parents used to tell me the same thing earlier. The reason was very clear and I liked their explanation of enjoying the power cuts.

    During their childhood, power cuts were not at all frequent and in those times there were no backup supplies like the inverters or generators. It was a joint family and the children used to cherish those rare moments of power cuts by chatting with all the members of the family in the courtyard. All of them used to come together in the open area of their house and chatted as long as there was no power. For children, it was a brief escape from studies. How about how? Do you remember any such cherishable moments?
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    Yes, I remember those power cuts. As you said we too used to enjoy them as during the power cuts our parents never used to stop us from playing. We use to play hide and seek outside our home. Those were the days as we never use to sweat even in the summers during power cuts as they were very frequent in those days.

    Nowadays in Delhi, too power cuts are very rare. Our kids have not seen those days when there was no power for a day and we used to ask parents when power will come (as we used to ask it only when there was the timing of a favourite program on television). Transistors were very popular in those days as we use to listen to the commentary of cricket matches when there was no power. Those days were very strange as we used to spend a day or two without power which seems to be impossible nowadays.


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    I also used to enjoy the power-cuts in the seventies and eighties in Kolkata, because we (the brothers and our sister) used to get respite from the study at that time. Only on the eve of examinations, we had to continue study even during power-cuts.
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    Gone are the days of power cuts and the respite the children were getting from studies and home work. I still remember that in those times whenever the light went off there was a noise in the manner of hue and cry was generated in the locality and normally the children came out in the verandahs and started playing in the dim moonlight. It was really a fun to enjoy life while parents were cursing the electricity board and the then regime for it.

    Today the situation is changed. The Govt has determined to provide us electricity for 24/7 and today the children might not be aware of these small pleasures which the students had in those intermittent dark times! It is really nostalgic to remember all that.

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    Sir, you are lucky enough that you don't get power cuts. Power cuts have become a past story for you and you have very well mentioned the past moments of people who were facing power cuts and were playing hide and seek during that period.

    However, in our state where a major portion of electricity is transmitted to other states but our state itself is left in dark and power cuts often playing hide and seek with us. For members, it has a past time when such power cuts occur but in our state, we don't get a sufficient supply of electricity and often face power cuts, when we have our own resources that generate electricity. This is how our resources are being exploited and we are deprived of our own electricity.

    With newly electronic gadgets in the market, electricity is important and only those with power sufficient can use them while others can only dream of using such electronic gadgets. I don't know even after having a sufficient amount of electricity in our state, do we ever get our fair about of electricity so we can get rid of 'hideand seek' that power plays with us!

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    Power cuts are a thing of past and there are childhood memories associated with it. Today no such excitement will happen as the children and adults all will be busy with their mobiles informing their friends about the power cut.
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    Yes, children can enjoy the power cuts and give excuse for not studying. But frequent power cuts is painful and disturbing. Agriculturists, Industrialists are suffering a lot from frequent power cuts. The situation of power cuts is not the same in all parts of the Country. In some states situation is very bad. During summer there will be frequent power cuts.
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    Power cuts are a thing of past, now. I do not remember when we had the last power cut. If at all the electricity has to be cut for maintenance purpose in 3-4 months, we get SMS regarding the same, so that we can plan accordingly. We have removed inverters and they are gathering dust now.

    All the voltage stabilizers consume electricity. The voltage has been constant around 225-235 V for a long time, so we have removed the main line voltage stabilizers. We have removed voltage stabilizers from all the ACs as well.

    Such is the situation in my area now.

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    Yes. There are no power cuts now. This situation is there not only in cities but also in villages also. 5 years back in our native place we used to have a power cut in summer for about 12 to 16 hours. But now the power cuts in that place are not there. 24 hours of the power supply is there. There is a tremendous improvement.
    I think same is the situation in other states also. This is an excellent achievement by the government and we should appreciate them for that.
    There is no necessity of inverters these days. Earlier days in summer we used to fill water in the battery of the inverter at least once in 20 days. But these days there is no necessity of filling water in that.
    I feel we are self-sufficient now in this area. We should achieve this self-sufficiency in other fields also.

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