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    Don't allow others to make your life a bitter pill.

    Distress and lack of love are widespread around us. People are among their family, friends, colleagues or well-acquainted group but still, feel lonely. Day by day such a kind of situation is increasing. I at times wonder that what could be the reason to feel so depressed, isolated and unwanted. Is it the problem with the concerned person's association or the problem lies within the person who is distressed?

    I feel it is a two-way problem. Sometimes people are genuinely made to feel unwanted and they go into depression. Contrary to it there are instances when people do not accept the changes taking place, do not like to give credit and importance to others, and extremely nagging, interfering as well as fault finder which invites disliking from others. This leads to dissatisfaction and distress.

    Every time it is not the fault of one generation or a particular person. Talking over such issues and trying to be understanding and adjustable make the condition much acceptable. The more we all become a unit and lead our life together then life will be less stressful or else complain will never end. There will be stress in every generation so life will be a bitter pill.

    Let"s try to talk, if required resist the evils and wrongdoers but definitely try to accommodate with everyone then only life will be liveable or else bitterness will kill from inside. Involve yourself in some mind refreshing activity and feel the change.
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    Whatever be the reason of depression and negativity in the life it is harmful to the person involved. We should not be affected by what others say about us. It does not matter till we are strong in ourselves and control our actions and sentiments.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Every human fights with himself as well as the society around and it is this fight the result of which determines the status of the person whether he will be depressed or vibrant with energy to propel his life in a better path. Introvert and lazy people sometimes get depression without any external reason while the active ones get it due to their incapability to tolerate the comments and innuendoes made by the outside world. So in essence it is our tolerance limit and prudence which determines whether we will be able to stand on our own in this cruel and tough world. There is no one to care and love to us till we make the environment conducive for those elements to automatically come in picture. Others will only care for us when we appear to them as deserving those sentiments.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There are many things in our life which we cannot choose, they are not in our control. For example, we do not know how others will react to our actions. If someone does not like that reaction, she/he can feel depressed, even humiliated. This happens mostly because there is a conflict somewhere in our minds. We cannot readily accept things to their logical conclusion. There is less acceptance and more intolerance which is making our life bitter. At least if we patiently listen to others before arguing, many problems can be solved. There is no point in brooding. When we cannot control the actions of others, it is better to control ourselves and then only people's behaviour or actions won't be able to make us anxious.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Today morning the workers from JIO came and started digging near my house for laying their cable. From the same place my water line is going underground. By any chance if the pipe line gets broken, it will be a bitter problem for me. So i requested them to slightly shift the place so that my pipeline is safe. But the Engineer started talking as he likes and somehow I am able to convince him and see that he will shift the place slightly. In this process I have lost my peace of mind. But I can't avoid.
    Sometimes It happens and we will suffer because of some actions which are not in our control.

    always confident

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    Our life is in our control. Others cannot take control of our life without our permission. It all depends how we react to the situation and take that to our mind. When we are right , we need not bother about others comments. There are incidences through we are right we have been proved wrong. In such a situation we need to pacify our mind. Otherwise such bad incidences keep coming to our mind and affect our peace of mind. It is always better through such bad memories from our mind.
    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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