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    Honest Politicians are rare but not extinct in Indian Politics

    We always criticize politicians of India as Dishonest, corrupt etc., Honest politicians in Indian politics are rare but not extinct. Cutting across the political parties, there are many sincere and honest politicians who have dedicated their life for serving people. Unlike many politicians these politicians do not have bank balances, benami property etc. There are quite a few politicians still dwell in rented houses and do not own a house.

    Shall we discuss the names of few honest politicians. Have you come across any such politicians?
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    From the south. We had such a rare politician in the past. One Mr Kamaraj, former CM of TN and one Mr Kakkan who was in his ministry. I sincerely do not know any other rare honest politician of that type from the south.

    All politicians of the present day India are rich and extra rich, and also corrupt. There is no rich or poor honest politician from south India to feel proud.

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    A very thought provoking and interesting post by the author initiating an exercise to find out the honest politicians or leaders in our country in past or present. Honesty is a relative term and it is difficult to find a person honest in absolute terms. Still there are methods and techniques to find out the worth of a person in terms of honesty.

    One simple method which applies to executives or engineers or doctors or managers in our country in Govt sector and the politicians in power is like this. Let us calculate how much money and assets a person can have (excluding what he inherited) after a service of 30-35 years in the above posts. In my calculations it can not be more than the range of 1 to 3 crores. This range is the outcome of the fact that some executives get more chances of going out of the country and even inside the country on official trips and indirectly earn some revenue on that account. Some are very simple and spend very less money and save more. So, these are the factors which determine the above range. Now this could be in form of a house or two houses plus cash in bank FDs or some other securities. If a person is having significantly more than it than from honest practices it is not possible and it can be challenged in any court of law and that is entirely a different story that they will justify it from different sources including the in laws and agricultural sales!

    In private organisation some executives get high salaries and they can justify their cash and assets in the range 10-15 crores and that is understandable.

    Those who are in Govt (including politicians) who breach the above range can not be prima facie accepted as honest.

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    True. Even today we see some good politicians who are honest and sincere. But the problem is they are very less in number. When in a group everybody is drinking alcohol, even though you are drinking soft drink, people will say you are also drinking alcohol only. when you take milk also under a Tadi tree people will think that you are consuming Tadi only. This is a natural reaction that happens. Likewise, good politicians are also getting shadowed with the many selfish politicians.
    In Telangana, there is an MLA who was elected to Assembly for more than 4 times and still, he doesn't have his own house. He uses a bicycle for commuting. I don't remember his name. But many don't know about him also. Our present PM is an example for Honest Politicians.

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    It would be unfair to say that our leaders are not honest but with the progress of time this number has declined considerably. This is definitely an alarming issue while we compare this trend with the yester years when we have had leaders such as Sardar Ballabh Patel, Lal Bahadur Sastri, Jai Prakash Narayan, Dr Vidhan Chandra Roy etc who ignored their personnel interest for the welfare of the common men.
    Let us hope that young generation would follow the same trend and some transformation will take place with their sincere involvement in the politics.

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    The honest Politicians are not in lime light. I happen to go through an article in internet which states that Shri. Shingara Ram Shahunggra an Ex-MLA from BSP lives in a road side shelter in Punjab.
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    Late Manohar Parrikar CM of Goa, in my opinion, was a very honest politician who used to live a very simple life, unlike other politicians. As you rightly pointed out that these days the majority of the politicians are corrupt and dishonest still there are few which are not. Apart from Parrikar, there are others like Modi, Sushma Swaraj, AK Advani, Dr Harshvardhan, Kiran Bedi are honest in my opinion.

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    Although very few, but at least some honest politicians are still there in Indian political arena. Manohar Parrikar, Narendra Modi, Piyush Goyal, Navin Patnaik, Sushil Kumar Modi, Manik Sarkar, Devendra Fadnavis, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Yogi Adityanath come under this category. There may be a debate about their ideology, but not about their personal honesty.
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    It is difficult to have honest people in the political circles. There could be a few but it is rare. There are so many manipulations in politics that it will be difficult for an honest person to manage the party and its activities.
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