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    Italian journalist Ms.Francesca Marino gives evidence of surgical strike in Balakot, Pakistan

    Ms. Francesca Marino, a Journalist from Italy gave an exclusive interview to India Today on 08th May 2019. During the interview she revealed that approximately 170 terrorists having allegiance to Jaish-e-Mohammed were killed and many injured in the surgical strike undertaken by the Indian Air Force in Balakot of Pakistan. The injured have been treated in Army Hospitals in Pakistan. She also revealed that Pakistan Army had given strict instructions to the civilians not to disclose any information to others.

    The Indian media as well as the political leaders were demanded Indian Armed forces and the Government to give a count on the casualties of air strike. The Indiam media did not had the courage to investigate and give a report. It required a foriegn journalist to report the matter.
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    It is the duty of our Army to attack a target, not to count the number of deaths and the damages in detail. It is the duty of our government to know the death and damage details through their intelligence department. Surgical strike is like a war situation. Do we count the enemies bodies after the war? No.

    Good that an Italian journalist brought out the Pakistan's secret news to the public. Foreigners speak the truth.Can be trusted and believed.

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    I do n't believe this unless he brings a photo or video up to that it is Fake information!
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    It is an insult to our Indian Army officers and men by the Indians who have no trust or faith in our Armed forces. Attack and forget, and look for a new target - is the way of fighting against the enemy. Army is not duty bound to explain anything to anyone.

    Our force entered the enemy's territory and bombarded the targets set at Balakot. That's all. Mission accomplished successfully with a loss of one aircraft and a brave pilot under captivity.

    Let us be satisfied, and be happy with the Journalist's report on casualities, whether it is truth or false, believable or unbelievable..

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    These things do not require a proof. The strange behaviour of Pakistan by not allowing people to go there is itself a proof of the damages. What more we require. A selfie with them?
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    Mr. Bhushan you may like to visit the news report of India Today

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    What difference is it going to make if Mr Bhushan or the opposition does not believe the actions of the Army? Pakistan government restricted the movements of the civilian at Balakot after the strike and later strongly denied any strike. Well, then what provoked Pakistan Army to start a counter-attack with its fighter jets if nothing happened in the first place? Nobody asked for any proof of the army operations earlier and only this time the opposition raked it up. Many people also started singing in the same tune. They need proof, videos and pictures. They like to see people being killed. They like to see the dead bodies of others and enjoy it. I do not know what to say.

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    It is good that a journalist from Italy has given an account of the surgical strike organised by the Indian Army. People now will understand what exactly happened. Many Indiana are having many doubts on this issue and now their doubts will get clarified with this. What happened in Pakistan after the surgical strike also she clearly told. Nice information thanks to the author for sharing the information.
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    This is for the first time in our country that we are not believing what our Jawans did in Pakistan. It is really strange that some people are asking the footage of these attacks. Anyway if one does not want to agree we can't help it. I remember when in 1962, China attacked India our military might was not adequate and our leaders made a note of it and after that there was a phenomenal growth in the Indian army. During that war may news came which were sometimes very sad but sometimes very encouraging as our army gave a good fight to the well facilated Chinese army. At that time no one asked a footage of proof of that. The Chinese aggression was accepted by all of us as our destiny. Why today this confusion of not believing. Even if it were fake as an Indian it is our duty to say that it was done. We can not do even this much for our country? It is ridiculous to ask proof for such things.
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    At first, the Indian media told there are more than 235 terrorists were killed in Balakot strike later it is reduced 35 and after that, the great Amitshah told 150 and after that, the Italian media is telling 170 killed in the terrorist attack.I am asking a straight question do n't you believe our own media?.
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    That is the sad part Mr. Bhushan, we Indians do not trust our Armed forces and the Government. Media and politicians as always have their own hidden agenda. We cast doubts on our own establishments. It is not the matter of numbers whether it is one or thousand. The politicians and media had questioned the very integrity of the armed forces. They were joined by many think tanks. This is hurting every Indian in the Country.
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    During any attack, It is the duty of the affected to count and worry the number of bodies to bury. The attacker will feel satisfied about the attack only. They need not account the bodies. It could be one or two or ten or hundred or thousand. It is imprudent to raise a question on the number of deaths or the damage during a war or surgical strike.
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    This is not good that everyone requires proof of the attack and number of terrorist killed in the attack. We should be proud of our jawans that successfully attacked the terrorist camp that too in Pakistan, its a big achievement. So rather than asking the proofs, we should appreciate our airforce and the government who took the decision to do it.

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    In the first place why we are intended to believe some foreign media person when we already having the declarations from the official spokesperson from the Indian Government including the declarations & the proofs & facts from the Indian Airforce as well.

    I want to correct #664668/ Umesh with the fact that this wasn't for the first time but observe to what has been happening in the J&K region as well with the different comments got surfaced from the well-known political parties & politicians of our country.

    In addition, I am afraid of the situation when we had the actual causalities because than the Human Rights Activists along with the NGO's & "Award Wapsy Gang" along with the secular media who went missing when our Jawans killed would be targeting the PM Modi again for his stand. Ha ha.

    I appreciate the nicely explained posting by #664642/ Neeru Bhatt.

    Another good one by #664646/ Sankalan Bhattacharya.

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    #664642/ Neeru Bhatt.

    "What more we require. A selfie with them?".

    Great one for those who still asking for the proofs from our forces. Absolutely disappointing & shame on them.

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