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    What could be the core reasons beneath all conflicts & differences?

    Is it the religion or the money or the state of being self-centered or this can possibly be referenced to the interferences with the others?

    History certainly having the facts with many of the well flourished civilizations extinguished that we know about them only through books & documentaries made after the electronic media came into existence. They got invaded with the civilization & with the belief system that just went opposite to their ways.

    What do feel about what went wrong with the invaders in context to the Indian subcontinent that this still having the age old belief system with us?
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    True. In the Indian context, age-old beliefs are still existing. People will still give importance to caste and Religion. I think the main reason for this is the political scenario prevailing in the country. The Politicians want these systems to prevail so that they can exploit the public. If you see the way the voting will take place in the elections. Instead of giving importance to the candidate's history and credentials, people will go by the caste of the candidates.
    Many of the innocent people are being offered money and making them change their religion also. For this, the poverty of the people is the reason. For them, money is important to live on and some people encash this point and make them give importance to caste and religion.
    The education levels should be improved and the literacy rate is to be increased. Then only the old beliefs may get invaded.

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    There are some inherent traits and attributes in human beings which are the responsible factors for conflicts and confrontation. Some of these are selfishness, greed, to attain power, domination, name and fame, jealousy and things like that. These traits instigate fighting spree in the people and provoke them for offence. There are certain races in the world which are known well for these aggressions and it is embedded in their heredity. Political leaders take advantage of these elements present in the people and take mileage out of it in their favour. That is why some people treat and allege politics as the dirty game of selfish people. There will be conflicts and differences in this world till such people are there to misguide and mislead the common gullible public.
    Knowledge is power.

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