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    Reading that old newspaper!

    On that busy day you didn't have the time for a proper lunch, just munched a few biscuits or maybe a tiffin cake and rushed to another destination to complete the assignment. On the road, you felt a bit hungry, but can't help you have to reach there on time. You are sitting inside the train and looking around. There a hawker selling food items boarded and you ordered Jhalmuri, its puffed rice mixed with various spices and pieces of fruits which is very popular in West Bengal, or maybe Pakoras. You know Pakoras are not good for health but somehow you have to tame the hunger. After finishing the items inside the packet made of newspaper, you are about to throw it inside the bin and suddenly a piece of news on that old newspaper attracted you. You carefully tore one side of the packet and started reading that news.

    Well, if you are doing this frequently you are not alone. There are a few people who love to read the news printed on the paper packets too. After all, that news may not be of importance at present but once it had some importance. Actually, reading old newspapers is a habit. It's like having a look at the histories.
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    The urge for knowledge or any new information is always good. Whether you get it from a novel , journal or from a rag , it is immaterial. The information gathered updates our memory and improves the Knowledge bank. I too have the same habit of reading the old news paper or Magazine. The reading of peace of news paper also helps us to pass the time.
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    It happened once to me. I was travelling by bus. It was a six-hour journey. I was feeling hungry. Meanwhile, a vendor brought boiled ground nuts. I have purchased and ate. Once the packet is empty, Just I looked into the piece of paper in which he has given the ground nuts. Interestingly there was a photo of a meeting held two days before and one of my friends participated in that meeting. A photo in which my friend was also present was there. I felt happy to read that news. I called him on his mobile and congratulated him. He felt very happy.
    This type of incidents may happen many times to many people. Some times we will get some interesting points and news in those old newspapers.

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