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    How dangerous to post your pictures on social websites?

    Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and Meebo, and some other social websites which we regularly use them for sharing our happiness with our friends but these social websites can be dangerous if we properly lock our photos and videos it will share publicly and it will become dangerous when someone misuses it. How dangerous to keep our pictures like family photos or videos or personal pictures if we won't unlock them and share to the public domain. How cautious you are when uploading a video or picture of the family members on social websites? Please comment on this
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    The courageous, bold and brave won't mind to have their photos/videos on the social media, Only the coward, feared and worried might avoid it. Whatever has to happen will happen, despite any cautious action.
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    Orkut and Meebo are already discontinued. On one hand, you are saying it is dangerous to post and share personal photos and videos and on the other, you are questioning how dangerous it is to post those. Where is the confusion? Whenever you are posting something personal in any public domain, you have to be cautious. There are different security features available to protect the misuse and one must employ those features. There is no danger as long as someone is not misusing them, but when you know things can be misused you have to find ways to prevent it.

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    People post their photos and other personal details in social media without bothering for the consequences as the site boasts of many security features as well as locking mechanism. Even after that much of security there is always a risk of data being hacked or compromised by the mischievous elements who are paring in the internet from one place to other. We are hearing even the data leakage from the banks and other organisations and in that comparison social media stand nowhere. It is to be remembered that whatever these sites claim about their security measures the onus and the risk of populating our personal data solely rests on us and definitely it is a risky proposition but as everyone is blindly doing that more and more gullible people are following the lead.
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    If uploading photos on these social sites are that much risk then people may not be using it but the fact is that Facebook is a social site which is very popular among people. But you have said it rightly that picture uploaded on social sites can be misused easily and we should be cautious as should not use it much or should take some measures that we may not repent afterwards.

    We have seen lots of crimes where the culprits have taken the help of social media to tarp victim. It's strange as people don't take lessons from such cases and don't limit the use of these sites. I have seen a few people who don't even forget to update their status whenever they go out of the city giving clue to the someone of their location. This is upsetting that social site which we use for our pleasure sometimes becomes a reason for our sorrow.


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    People share their Photons in social media among their contacts and connections with good intentions. This helps us to get quick updates from our friends and relatives. Generally we upload photos of social gathering and other happy occasions. Sending these photos to everyone is a difficult task. Social Media helps us to share these photos in a quick time.

    Yes. It is possible that scrupulous people can misuse these photos and we should be very careful on this. But looking at the advantages of social media the fear of misuse can be ignored.

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    These days social media has become a good way to get connected with our friends and relatives. But there are some security risks. That is what I understand for various problems that are being published in newspapers. So it is better to be careful I feel. It is not good to keep photographs and personal details more in the social media. It is better to be general as much as possible. Unmarried girls photos that are published in this media are being misused by many people. Phone numbers and other details also not to be given in social media to the maximum extent possible.
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    In our excitement and interest to share and exchange various personal information with others we upload many such things in the social media. These sites may claim privacy but anytime the hackers can unlock them with their newer and newer ways of hacking and all the personal data will be at stake. It is entirely our own responsibility if we are posting that even after knowing this fact.
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