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    The sweet results of the efforts of the volunteers.

    I have witnessed this phenomenon happening near my housing society and it was such a pleasant and joyful feeling that I wanted to share it here with the fellow members. There is one playground in the area I live which is used by the children to play cricket and other games. It is quite a big area but was not maintained as it was not on the priority list of the local municipality. About 4 years back some of the senior citizens staying in nearby colonies or housing societies approached the authorities and suggested that they will like to develop the playground by volunteer work if municipality also extends some help in the matter. Seeing the interest of these persons the administration got the playground fenced from all the sides and made a footpath along its circumference for morning walkers leaving some space between the fencing and the footpath.

    The volunteers started planting trees and flowers in that space and today this is one of the beautiful playground where there is a very good crowd of the walkers in the morning and evening. Now the authorities have put up some lights also so that people can stay here till late evening. There is problem of water for the plants but the adjoining societies have agreed to give some water to the small tanks kept in the sides from where the volunteers are watering the plants time to time. I am not a regular contributor but whenever I get time I join them and contribute my bit. There are about 10-15 regular volunteers, mainly senior citizens who are continuously maintaining this by spending an hour here in the morning or evening.

    I am so impressed by the power of this collective work that I am now sure that if people volunteer for some work then by contributing even a little from everyone, it can bring a great change. Have you witnessed such attempts in your area or have you ever thought to do things like that? Please share your experiences or give comments on this.
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    Yes, I suppose it is the same playground which you once mentioned in one of the article comments.
    Really, it feels great when we hear these stories. In case of our locality, the people undertook the repair of a road which was earlier damaged by heavy rains. Although, in this case, the government also chipped in. But it was heartening to see the people contributing in terms of funds as well as labour.

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    It is good that the senior citizens are good enough to undertake the development of a park on their own with necessary permissions from the municipal authorities. There is a park near by my house also. The park is very well maintained by the GHMC. There are facilities for children to play and all the senior citizens of that area will gather there everyday early in the morning and plan their activities. Many people use this for morning walk.
    Many senior citizens will take up the cleaning work of the park and see that the walk way inside the park will be maintained well.

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    One and one make eleven. There is a strength in unity. Even with a minuscule contribution by a person collectively it becomes a big achievement. I salute to these silent volunteers who are beautifying the mother Earth around us.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Team efforts can do wonders in life. It's good to know that people have worked hard to make this park a good place. Common people have power if they work collectively they make an impossible thing possible. It's good that the municipality people also helped to maintain this park. Its because they saw the dedication of the people especially the senior citizens. Now the main thing is they should devote some time for the maintenance of this park and sustain it.

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