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    All festivals celebrated in India as a calendar.

    A description on the festivals happening in all states of India from january to december. Can I get a calendar on the same without excluding any events.
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    No, such a calendar is not possible. This is because of the fact that there are hundreds of festival in every state, both major and minor. It is not possible to get a calendar with all festivals of 29 states and hundreds of communities.
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    I think these calendars may be available for a state but not to the entire country. The government calendar of the state may have all the festivals that are celebrated in that state by all the religions and castes.
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    Please check the links provided below. The sites list different types of festivals, including religious and cultural festivals, celebrated and organised in different parts of the country. Hope it is what you want.


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    I am not aware if such a composite calendar is available where all the festivals belonging to different communities are presented. They may not be available in physical form in the market but can be given in some sites or in some specific blogs by the bloggers.
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    Try the calendar on your mobile.

    The calendar on my Samsung A6+ has a lot of festivals listed for different religions/states. It has lohri , Makar Sakranti, Onam, Pongal, Eids, Ramzan, Xmas, Parsi New Year, Guru Pavda, Mahavir Jayanti, Budh Purnima, Good Friday, Ganesh Chaturthi, Muharram .....................

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    You may find the same on the internet. Everything is available on google. You may find below in the link given:

    Link: - Indian calendar --festivals celebrated in the country


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    Everything is available on google but as we are a big community(ISC) in this site from different states, Religion & place. People can contribute by providing more details of Festivals celebrated in their place with a small description. This can be compiled & lastly the calendar can be made through ISC.

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