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    Are fire hydrants available in our country?

    A fire hydrant, also called a fireplug, fire pump, jockey pump, Johnny pump, or simply pump, is a connection point by which firefighters can tap into a water supply. It is a component of active fire protection. As we see there are so many fire accidents happening in many places where the crores of rupees getting lost and a lot of life's lost or badly injured in fire accidents. Where the fire service department and disaster management vehicle takes a lot of time to reach the incident place for this fire hydrants can be a solution to this problem? Are Fire hydrants are available in our country? Share your comments on this?
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    I think it was made a mandatory requirement a few decades ago. I am not sure of the exact terms, but every new construction has to have fire hydrants within the campus. Commercial, as well as residential complexes, are given a license only after these are installed.

    There are multiple fire hydrants in my apartment complex. I just peeped out from my dining room window and saw three fire hydrants in front of the adjacent building. They are located just a few metres apart.

    Not only that, these hydrants are checked, periodically, to ensure that they are working fine. In fact, we have had the fire service department come in, for exercise, where they used the water from the underground sump through the fire hydrant.

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    These days the village and town planning department is insisting to have fire hydrants in apartments and gated communities and without that they are not giving construction permissions. So the recent construction will have fire hydrants in place in these complexes.
    Similarly, all hazardous red category industries should have fire hydrants and this should cover the whole area of the factory and there should be a dedicated water storage tank for this fire hydrant line. Then only they are giving permission for going ahead.
    There are disaster management committees at the state level and district level and how effective they are is not known. This committee will work under the governance of the District Collector at the district level with an officer from the industries department as the convenor for this committee.

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    In the factories, a fire hydrant is a mandatory requirement whereas in a residential area I don't know if it's mandatory as I haven't seen them here in Delhi. But these days I have seen people have fire extinguishers kept at their home.

    It's true that if a fire breaks at any place then fire brigade takes time to reach the place and if a fire hydrant is there then it helps.


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    We have fire hydrants fitted in offices and apartments. Unfortunately, we don't care to maintain them. They become useless at the time of need. They get rusted and become inoperable. The hoses become old with the holes.

    What is required is the periodical maintenance and knowledge on fire and fire-fighting.

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    I have seen it in some building complexes as well as hotels and commercial places. It is a mandatory requirement and if it is not there the local authorities will not pass the plan or give the occupancy certificate for the complex.
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    They are a mandatory requirement in industries and multi storeyed buildings. Fire hydrants are the crucial things in the time of eventualities. It is in the interest of the entity itself to place them in place while planning a new industrial conectarte or housing complex. We should not compromise in safety matters as that is the most important thing for safeguarding men and material.
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