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    Intelligence is heriditory, or acquired?

    We have read reports about some of the children from poor family performing exceedingly well in academics as well in completive examinations like UPSC etc.,

    Ms.Sweta Agarwal daughter of a grocer belonging to Bhadreshwar , secured the 19th rank and Mr. Kuldeep Dwivedi son of a security Guard at Lucknow has secured an all India rank of 242 in the civil service exam conducted by UPSC in 2015. In the 2018 UPSC examination Mr. Ansar Ahmad Shaikh son of a Auto Rickshaw driver secured all India rank of 361. Similarly there many such cases where the children from poor families topped in the examinations.

    As per the reports from the studies 50% of our intelligence is hereditary. This means that the parents of these children too are intelligent, but they did not get opportunity to study. Therefore it is also possible that due to lack of education we would have lost many scientists, Engineers , Doctors, Administrators etc.,
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    The thing is that the data & the experiments would continue to vary from time to time but the fact is that only in the case when we initiate with the actions & the steps that we are liable to get some positive responses from outside. The Indian philosophy has always emphasized the importance of KARMA & the rest are just the outcome of it & therefore do it in the best possible way that you are capable of.

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    Yes. There are many intelligent people who can't come up in their lives due to non-availability of proper resources. Even though they are intelligent lack of financial resources many people are not able to come up. I know a person from my native village who is very intelligent but couldn't go to higher studies due to lack of money. He completed his SSLC and worked in a small company and managed his family.
    Whatever may be the reason, finally how we spend our lives depends on destiny and one can't rule out this fact. Whatever is there in the reserve for us will come to us. We can't avoid.

    always confident

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    To some extent intelligence is related to the heredity but it is not the sole factor as it is also acquired while growing up, environment around and upbringing. It is a complex outcome of many processes. For example some children are born retarded or having low IQ. It is difficult to improve them in spite of best efforts.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The studies say that 55% of intelligence is determined through the genes and 45% of intelligence is determined by many factors like how you are raised by your parents, how you are educated, the company you have and many other things. Your environment decides how much level you acquire from this 45%. If you are grown in a poor family where you don't get a proper diet and you don't get a good education then there are chances that you may not get a good intelligence level. People who have good IQ level get both.

    You rightly have given the example of people, parents of whom may not have got a good education but their kids may have inherited intelligence from them and good level from the environment also. So we cannot say that hereditary is the only thing which determines the intelligence level. It gives immense pleasure when we see such people come up among others.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    There are a lot of people wo could not exploit their potentials because of adverse circumstances or rather you can say time did not permit them to go ahead with the avocation they have had in their minds. However, they liked to have their dreams fulfilled by uplifting the career of children. They put all their resources in sharpening and honing the skills of their own children and ultimately they were able to attain the target as set by them.
    Intelligence of the race is the predominant factor in achieving success though consistent practice too is required to upgrade the skills.

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    So many poor people have emerged as great personalities cracking competitive examinations and these people have shown their intelligence exceptionally well. To some extent, intelligence is inherited but it is also true that everyone can't get the same level of intelligence which inherited people have.

    Yes, poor people have proved in some cases as you have rightly mentioned and they deserve full credit and appreciation for a great job, which others with, all available facilities at home can't achieve. It is also true that poor people don't get the opportunity to study which forces them to do labour work despite being intelligent. However, when such people get the opportunity they prove their intelligence by working hard.

    Intelligence is inherited but it also depends on opportunity and available resources to qualify a particular test. Poor people also inherit intelligence but due to none availability of resources, we find them on roads selling pakoras and driving rickshaws, but when same people get the opportunity they show their caliber.

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    It is true that there is a hereditary factor in this as some people appear sharper than their counterparts. At the same time it can be acquired but a lot of hard work is required to come up to the adequate level of intelligence thinking. The first and foremost thing is reading and comprehension which gives a boost in the knowledge level of a particular person. Another is writing and reproducing things which also helps in this pursuit of inching upwards in the field of knowledge. Then comes the practical experience of the working which is the way to earn skills and expertise. So, these are the ways and techniques of increasing ones knowledge and intelligent thinking.
    Knowledge is power.

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