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    Which is the best shaped English Alphabet?

    When we look at many things at a time, something is catchy to our eyes, and we like it much.

    Here, when we look at all the 26 English alphabets, which is the best looking alphabet to your eyes, and why?

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ -abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
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    Best shaped alphabet is "N", because my name starts with N

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    I don't know what is the reason, when I look at the alphabets given in the thread I am getting more attracted towards A and a. Maybe it is the first letter and one side it is free without any letter.
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    There is nothing as such that I may refer to as best shaped or the preferred one because everything is well placed & designed so as to suite to our eyes as well as add to the meaning when came together. Hope so that no one would have thought the way this has been asked here but is interesting.

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    If we consider the symmetry (and as a student of Mathematics, I always think symmetry), O is the best alphabet. Both Capital O and small o are perfectly symmetrical.
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    There are many out of this set which attract us on the first glance. I like S, W, H, E and M may be because I find some symmetry there and they look more and less balanced in their shape not limping to one side. Of course it will vary from individual to individual as perceptions differ.
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    "I" is the best looking and the easiest alphabet to write. It can be divided into two equal and symmetrical parts by either vertical or horizontal axis. It does not lose its identity. There may be such letters but it is the easiest to write. I like "I" very much.
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    I do not know the reason but I have a fancy for 'T'. Of course, it has nothing to do with my addiction of tea which I need periodically during my writing phases! The alphabet 'T' reminds me of something like a rod firmly and securely suspending from a fixed lateral seam and I feel that it will not fall down so easily as it is firmly fastened there. So symbolically it gives me a safety assurance that things are firm and secure.
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    "K" is the letter which I like the most. There is no particular reason for it. Maybe the word king starts from K. Also I am fascinated by the letter "S" maybe because my name starts from it and I write this letter more often than any other letter.

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    To me, Alphabet 'S' is the best. I like the curves. It is not because of my name start, but in common. Most of the important and good qualities like Simplicity, Sincerity, Security etc starts with 'S'. Also I like Shani among the Grahas and Shiva among the Lords. The word Success starts with S.

    Though O is best for you, don't you get confused with the Figure 0?
    Dr Rao, sorry Mr. KVRR
    If I is best for you, don't you get confused with Figure 1?

    In many areas, alphabets I and O are omitted to avoid confusion.

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    I mentioned that A as the best f but not I. KVRR mentioned that I appear him the best. Mr SUN, I think you mentioned Dr Rao instead of mentioning KVRR.
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    O Yes! Occasionally I do get confused. O, the best alphabet, gets mixed with 0, the best number, which can improve any other number by ten times or a hundred times or a thousand times,.....!
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    Sorry Mr. Rao. It is KVRR. Response corrected.
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