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    Why are movie stories are monotonous?

    The Telugu movies stories almost all are monotonous as there are 4-5 templates exists in these stories. One template is how the hero saved the farmers land from corporates gang is the main template used in different ways. The second template is a hero will join the family for and tell the importance of the combined family(Second template). The Third template is how a hero changed the factionists in an area(Third template). How a hero won the love of the heroine with the acceptance of her parents(Fourth template).The new Template is based on cricket game or any other game which resembles patriotism or with a mixture of some old movies this is where Telugu movie stories revolve. The director or story writer will not go out of these templates(hit formulae) because these templates became commercial hits based on hero stardom out of these five templates they pick one out of this just they change the screenplay. Are the other language movies are also like this? Why can't the story writer come with a new story? except a very few especially in Tollywood? Is commercialization of movies making movie stories are monotonous?
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    If a particular storyline in a film becomes popular, one after another director and producer continue making films with similar storyline. So, the viewers feel monotonous. When such films with similar storyline flop, the new story comes. Generally, Indian film-makers don't want to make experiment with different types of stories. That is the major flaw of Indian cinema, irrespective of the language in which the film is made.

    Furthermore, most of the film-viewers of India are immature and don't understand real good films. They give more stress on hero-worshipping and heroine-appreciating.

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    This is true because we as an audience don't like the different plot. It's very normal that in the movies that we have a hero and he finds a girl who becomes his girlfriend and there is a bad man who fights with the hero and at the end of the movie villain dies. But nowadays things are changing a bit in movies different plots are made like the one we see in movies Taare Zameen Par, 3 idiots which were a super hit. Still, the directors fear to have a usual storyline as they fear that the movie may not fall down on box office. There are lots of movies in the past which were not liked by the people due to the same. Experimenting sometimes becomes a loss for the directors as well as for the actors and actresses. This is the reason why superstars also don't choose a movie with a usual storyline.

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    It is the similarity in the plots and storyline that the movies appear monotonous. That is the reason when some producers make movies on the new subjects and untouched arenas that they become famous as well as popular with the audiences and get good critical acclaim. The common masala types of movies do not interest the audience as he has already viewed hundreds of like that. Nowadays many movies are coming with newer ideas and subjects and getting popular with the selective audiences as everyone will not have taste for newer and unknown subjects.
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    If a movie with a story line is hit, the other directors and producers will opt for a similar storyline. During my college days, ANR and Shobhan Babu were acting in movies with one husband two wives storyline. Those days those movies were attracting many viewers and they were hit at the box office. So many movies with similar storyline came. After some time the viewers felt monotonous and stopped going for such movies.
    Like this when junior NTRs movies with factionists backdrop were hit, many movies came with the same theme. Nowadays such movies are less and love stories and loving one lady and marrying another lady are the themes we are seeing these days. The movies which are different from routine stories are also there in Telugu like Sankaabharanam, Swarnakamalam etc which are unique and attracted the audience more.

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    Movies are made to earn money and it is natural that the producers will make movies as per the choice of the common people. If common people want the stereo type movies then they will make like that only. Stories will be the same except some changes here and there.
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