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    Is the cash is legitimate when we compose on the white piece of the money?

    As Reserve Bank of India Guidelines, we should not write anything on the currency note but still, I found some numbers and some names in the older currency notes and they are exchanged for the transactions. Is still the currency is valid when we write the white part of the currency note? Does Reserve Bank of India lift the ban on the written currency notes? Do you still find the Currency notes writing with pen on the white part of the currency? Please share your comments on this.
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    Yes, I do find something written on them sometimes but no one denies to take them for transactions. This is sad that people don't understand that they should not write on currency notes.

    Is it so that such notes cannot be used?.


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    The currency notes on which something is scribbled are legal. The Reserve Bank of India by its notification dated 25-04-2017, made it clear that the banks have to accept such notes and they are to be treated as soiled notes. For some time the public and the banks refused to accept notes with scribblings on them. When complaints were made to the Reserve Bank of India, it gave the above-mentioned notification. Earlier, the Reserva Bank of India issued an appeal, not to scribble on the notes to keep them clean. Then the public and the banks stopped accepting notes with scribblings on them. The RBI has to issue a notification to accept such notes by the banks and treat them as soiled. By all means, the notes on which something is written are legal and they may be exchanged at the banks. I do not know whether any new notifications are issued meanwhile.
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    People have a habit of writing number on the currency notes on the last or uppermost note to distinguish the bundles from each other. This is such a habit that even after making rules and legislation people are not going to listen to everyone. In such cases the Govt also does not have any option than to remove such strictures. It seems strange but quite true.
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    Some shop keepers in Hyderabad refuse to take even 10 rupees coin saying that they are not valid. Even though the Reserve Bank of India clearly says that the ten rupees coins are valid, still these people will not accept.
    Similarly in between for some time the shopkeepers stopped taking the notes on which in the white portion something is written. This was there for only a few days. But now all are accepting these notes. In between, there was a confusion about this but after the clarification from RBI, there is no problem.
    It is not good to write in the notes unnecessarily. The notes will get spoiled quickly. I think there is no rule in force saying that nothing should be written in the currency notes on its white portion. As of now, these notes are valid and they should accept these notes. If there is any difficulty we can take them to any bank and get them exchanges there.

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    Actually people should cooperate with the RBI in this regard and avoid writing on these notes. If it is essential they can use the 'post it' stickers for the purpose which are so handy for such purposes. When we are requested to abide by certain procedures we must respond to it positively otherwise it will be an unnecessary work for the banks to sort out these notes and keep them separate and replace with the good ones.
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