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    Attack on Congress for misuse of Viraat in the past

    Lately, Mr Modi has accused Congress party for the alleged misuse of Navy's Aircraft Carrier INS Viraat for Rajiv Gandhi's holiday visit to Lakshadeep islands with his family and friends family in the year 1987. The Naval authorities refuted Modi's charges. Retired Admiral Ramdas, the then Flag Officer Commanding in Chief Southern Naval Command, based at Kochi denied the charges, and confirmed that only PM Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were taking passage on board Viraat on an official visit to Lakshadeep island. No one else accompanied them.

    What is the truth in it? It is alleged that the family members of Sonia Gandhi and the family of Superstar Amitabh Bachan spent their holidays at Bangaram island resort. There is evidence to the event that they all spend their days in the islands.

    Congress party brands Modi as lier. Who is right? Mr. Modi or the Navy? How and who can confirm the fact of this matter of a 30 year old event? Let us search for the documents.
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    The election fight is taking interesting twists and turns as both the sides are doing their best to unearth the earlier deeds or misdeeds. The main issues and agenda has gone in the background and the gullible public is enjoying these developments and conjecturing their thinking about these allegations and counter allegations. The Virat issue is in the same line creating for more enquiry and investigation in the process. Truth will be only known when the issue is discussed threadbare with documentary evidences in a court of law. Till that time we can only speculate about these things whether they were true or not.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Congress party may not agree to accept the fact.

    The only person who is directly involved and available to us is Mr. Amitabh Bachan and his good wife Jaya Bachan. They being a thorough lady and gentleman, they will be able to throw some light on the subject as to how all the members of his family and Sonia Gandhi family reached Bangaram and Lakshadweep island and spent their holidays, and whether they had used Viraat for the journey to the islands and back .

    Our Tall Superstar & Short star Jaya won't tell a lie and hide the fact, I am sure.

    I am also sure that media will reach Mr. AB now to find the facts.

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    The parliament elections are coming to an end and all the politicians are concentrating on the seats where elections are to be conducted. All the top leaders are busy in these constituencies. That is why the blame game has at its peak. Congress says the present PM is paying very fewer charges for the helicopters he is using. Modi says Rajiv Gandhi used Virat for their personal tours. What is the truth and who is telling lies is not known now. The voters are hearing everything and observing the happenings. They will make their own judgement and decide on casting their vote. The people who already voted are enjoying the fun.
    What is the truth is not known unless otherwise a complete investigation is conducted and facts are revealed? But all these allegations and counter allegations will go back once the elections are over, results are declared and the new government is formed.

    always confident

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    If congress is being alleged like that they will come out with explanations and clarifications in this regard and the ruling party will also bring its supporting documents to prove that such a misuse was done. Let us see how this issue goes while fighting for elections.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    After reading the allegation against Rajiv Gandhi by the Prime Minister, I clearly remembered the vacationing of the family at Lakshadweep. I also remembered a cartoon drawn by RK Lakshman on this issue.

    Fortunately, after some time, I saw that someone had uploaded the same cartoon on Twitter. Rajiv Gandhi definitely used the aircraft-career for public holidaying. Some retired Navy personnel who were on duty at INS Virat have also corroborated the fact.

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    While two senior naval officers have refuted the charges of Modi, two young officers Jaitly and Sikka of navy have backed Modi's claim. In no case, an official visit be for 10 days, that too in an island territory. It is to be believed that they all had a fine holiday trip in Lakshadweep Islands. The warships that meant to protect our nation was employed to protect the holidying Prime Minister and his family and his relatives and friends.

    Modi is not lying. Congress is hiding and Navy is shielding.

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    Vice Admiral Vinod Pasricha (Retd.) is not telling the truth. Was the Prime Minister of the country spending ten long days at Lakshadweep on official work? Which Indian would believe this? Why do the Congressmen think that the voters are idiots?
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    Unfortunately, If Rahul Gandhi becomes PM of India, he may also use Vikramathitya for his families and friends to spend their holidays in Lakshadeep island . He may say, " When my father, the former PM can do it with Viraat, why not I as PM."
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    True that the officer is hiding the fact. While Rahul Gandhi himself admitted that he was onboard Viratt during the trip, this officer, in an interview to a media says that there were only four people onboard viz Rajeev, Sonia + 2 other IAS officers. What about Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka ? PG and RG were grown up girl and boy in 1987. In an interview to another media, he says that there were six members viz Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul and 3 IAS officers. Why such different versions from a single officer? Unbelievable Viraat episode.

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    Many of the things we come to know during elections. It's nothing new we are used to listening to such news. Now after 40 years it's of no use to dig the grave. Now politics has become very ugly no one cares to talk about anyone even though he or she has not done it. I am surprised that now why Rajiv Gandhi is involved now .

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    It is Rahul Gandhi who dragged Modi into this situation. He, with his immature speech, called Modi as Chowkidar and Chor etc. He spoke ill about Modi who is a Prime Minister. He did not respect his age and status. Modi is compelled to bring the Gandhi family's past deeds in an open platform. It is an important subject to know how government machinaries, especially the defence, is misused by the politicians. And the authorities support them.

    We cannot just leave it as past is the past and don't dig. In fact, we learn a lot through the past events. Many were not aware of Viraat. Now the whole universe knows what is Viraat.

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    It is expected from Rahul Gandhi as he is immature. It's okay that Modi opened the secret but that would have been better if someone else of his party had done this instead of him.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    No. Modi is the right person to raise such important issues. His roaring voice will be heard by others to make noise. If it was raised by others about the past, It would be ignored by the media and people.
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    The Gandhi family have dominated Indian politics for over 70 years, largely unrivalled and unquestioned. Despite being reduced to 40-odd seats in 2014, they continue to adopt a dynastic model of politics and thereby, through their own cult of personality, continue to hog a disproportionate share of the media. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Bhadra (along with their mother) represent the same history of entitlement and corruption. It's only natural for Prime Minister Modi to hold a mirror to his political opponents including Rahul and Priyanka.
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    This election campaign consists more and more personal attacks on rival side rather than resorting to healthy debate on any issues concerning people an nation.

    All parties - Congress BJP, Communists or any other political party- are all culprits of this. No one is above board in this game.Each one tries to outsmart the other and get applause from people by their vocabulary and vocal strength. It was the Congress who started it and then ended up receiving more towards the end. So no one can blame the other.

    The voters have to use their own judgement and vote accordingly. This makes it very difficult to judge the mood of the people.

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    Indian Express archives describes Rajiv Gandhi's Lakshadweep Christmas eve Holiday in detail. It is available in the internet.
    That was a gross misuse of public money.

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    Why should a large aircraft carrier be used for the official visit of PM to the islands. A small ship with a small helicopter could have sufficed to meet the official requirement . Just because the family was large with relatives and friends, the large aircraft carrier was chosen to meet the requirement. A carrier with four ships is too much for a PM's visit for 10 long days. A wastage of many crores of defence funds.
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    You can make public every time fools…not eternal fools.
    One day everything will be questioned.

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    If we go on accumulating with information of the past governance than I am afraid that many hard & bitter facts would surface & at the same time may seem unbelievable like the one which we are discussing inhere with few are in support of it while the others not able to digest. This is because of the fact that we didn't have the active media & the varied sources which we are evident of today in the form of WhatsApp, Facebook etc along with numbers of news channels with carrying the latest of the technologies with the YouTube being carrying with the every uploaded videos & details beyond our imaginations.

    Something really wasn't good for a comparatively longer duration of times which are now coming out through the documentaries oldest recorded videos & pictures.

    Thanks to the progress of the technologies that even the conspiracies & the politics beneath are coming out in the open.

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    If Rajiv Gandhi has become an issue in this election, his son is to be blamed. For months he has gleefully shouted 'Chowkidar chor hai' without proof. Even the Hon'ble Supreme Court has chastised him. It is a bad idea to charge someone with being a thief without providing evidence, and much worse if the man charged is the Prime Minister. Rahul Gandhi's reasons for believing that more than half the money of the total contract to buy Rafale fighter aircraft was 'put in the pocket of Anil Ambani' are flimsy. When reporters from Indian Express newspaper pressed him for details and proof in an interview last week, he had no answer.

    Now, BJP led by the PM is paying him back.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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