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    What are the ways to kill the monotony?

    It is said that work is worship. Many of us believe in that and work. But while working if we are going on repeating a particular task then after some time it becomes monotonous and we want a break from it. If we do not get a break we feel restless and stressed. This is the human nature and in any activity break is required. Students know this well as when they go on solving some questions after some time they get so tired of it that they take a break, go out in the open have a chit chat with friends and come back to their study table. So, it is a common phenomenon.

    When I feel tired of doing some job then I resort to hearing the music and after some time I feel fresh and can go back to my uncompleted task or job in hand. Different people will have different methods to have a break and kill the monotony. What is your way of getting rid of monotony and feel fresh and come back to the tasks in hand? Please share your views.
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    When we go on repeating the same work again and again, definitely we feel bored and we can't concentrate on the work what we are doing. Sometimes we will be doing the work and our mind will not be there on the work. Mechanically the work will be going on. But certain works which we have to do with due care if we do continuously we may do wrong and negative results will come.
    If we are reading a book continuously after some time we may not be able to concentrate on reading. During such time what I will do is stop reading and go far a small walk in the house for 5 or 10 minutes and then restart. Otherwise, I make a cup of tea and have it. Then I will go back to reading. Otherwise, I will chat with my wife for 5 to 10 minutes and then again I go back for reading.

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    Yes monotony requires to be broken before it engulfs us in its dark envelope. I usually change my task or job in hand and switch between different types of activities including idling for a while. It really helps and you do not feel bogged down by the monotony.
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    In order to make our work life more interesting and to come out of monotony one need to try out doing work differently . We can always try improving our work by using Computer and technology. When we learn new things everyday the work becomes more interesting.
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    It's human nature we all get bored of the same work we do. Like in industries too we get bored with the similar work that's why we have job rotation system in industries where the job profile of a person is changed after a time so that he or she may not get bored of his or her job. This helps and a person feels fresh when he looks after a different job.

    I have seen people leave a job due to the same reason and try to get a job with a different profile. In manufacturing, we have operators who perform the same work for years due to which he or she gets a skilled person but this perfection becomes boring after a time. We need to kill this monotony. There are many ways to kill it as we may add something in the same work which may help to avoid boredom.


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    It is natural to feel bored after repeatedly doing a particular work. One feels tiresome to continue the same work and discontinues doing the same work. I think everyone feels tired or bored after doing work continuously.

    And rest becomes indispensable to restart afresh the job that you have been doing before. Taking some rest or break is necessary to stay connected to what you like doing. With proper rest, a person reinvigorated himself to restart his job.

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