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    Even Mount Everest faces traffic jams!

    Most of us are familiar with Mount Everest it's first successful expedition and climb by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on 29th May 1953.

    Since this first conquest, this 29035 foot climb has been the dream of many mountain climbers, so much so that over 4000 people have climbed this peak.

    Every summer, there is a huge crowd aiming to climb this majestic mountain. In this endeavour, Everest has been at the receiving end of litter (some call it the world's highest garbage dump), left over human waste, climbing gear,mortal remains of ill-fated climbers etc.

    Over the years, the crowd has become bigger. In 2012, on a single day, 234 people climbed Mount Everest. leading to a traffic jam en route to the summit with a two and half hour wait in queues.

    Many environmentalists and mountaineering experts have called to a strict regulation in the number of permits issued and avoid over-commercialisation of Mount Everest. Let's hope that man learns to admire nature from a distance.
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    On a busiest day in 2012. Image credits National Geographic

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    Everywhere it is the human ocean. Everywhere people. Where ever you go you will find people only. All the buses are full. All the trains are full and all the aeroplanes are full. Roads are full of vehicles. There is no exemption for Mount Everest also. Many people wanted to climb the highest peak and say that they have also done the great act. There is no problem for that. Bu the problem is with pollution. The environment is getting spoiled too much because of this human traffic there. As mentioned by the author there should be strict legislation to maintain the environs there clearly. Our enthusiasm in exploring nature we should not spoil nature. We should respect nature and we should see that it will be maintained very carefully.
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    The number of people climbing mount Everest is on the increase. Equally the garbage dumped on the Mount Everest by the climbers is also on the increase. It is reported that 14 Nepalese Volunteers has launched Mount Everest clean up campaign during April and collected 3,000 kilograms of solid waste.
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    Very interesting information shared by the author. It is really surprising to see the rush of people to climb mount Everest. At least people should take care of the environment by not polluting it with the plastic and things like that. It is really in a bad taste that people do not take care of these aspects.
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    A good information about the crowding in mount Everest by the mountaineers. It is really sad to note that these people are not taking the proper care of mother nature during their climbing trip and creating the environmental hazards. I think these people should be properly briefed about these things before they leave their base camp.
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    Nice photograph given connected to the topic.
    Humans do not ;ave anything as such, but simply make it their own in someway. In that process though initially it appears to be beneficial or entertaining, ultimately brings up problems and issues that ultimately threaten not just the humans but the whole world existence.
    Worried and sad about what we keep for our future generations.

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    That's sad because we are filling everything with the garbage. I remember 3-4 years back I went to Kedarnath. It's a very good place in the mountains as one side of the path flows the Ganges and its very surprising that people have made the bank of it as a dump yard as one can see empty plastic bottles and other material easily. It's a shame that we pollute nature.

    It's sad that even mount Everest is not spared by us. The government should take some measures by limiting the number of people in the season per day that will solve the issue otherwise being a unique place we cannot control the crowd and the pollution created by the crowd. No doubt revenue is generated by the tourists but what's the use of such revenue when the place cannot be maintained. I have never been to the place but I can sense from the photo you attached here in the post.


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