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    ITC Chairman passes away.

    YCD,Yogesh Chander Deveshwar,the great visionary, the Chairman of ITC and one of the longest serving chiefs of the corporate world has died at the age of 72 due to cancer, this morning.

    YCD transformed ITC from a Cigarette company to a FMCG conglomerate.

    A great loss to the nation.


    (Note: ITC made Cigarettes that killed many….so quit smoking)
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    We pray almighty may his sould rest in peace. Shri, Y C Deveshwar, joined ITI in the year 1968 and has been chairman of the ITC group for more than two decades. He has been instrumental in expansion of business of ITC. He is considered as one of the great leaders in the industrial sector.
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    It is his wisdom which made ITC an FMCG company. ITC is one of the best companies in India where human resources are being given good value. I wish his atma will get merged with the almighty and he will attain Moksha. A big loss to ITC. The next leader should be able to carry the weight and see that it will maintain its speciality.
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    A sad news. May his soul rest in peace. Every one knows about the spectacular growth of ITC as a big business group. The professional approach of ITC to marketing and aggressive sales management is an exemplary thing in the business arena.
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    I am feeling sad because Yogi Deveshwar took the Kolkata-based Company (of which I am a shareholder) to the pinnacle of glory. I pray for the peace of the departed soul.

    Ohm Shanti!!!

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    Thank God! He lived for 72 years with Tobacco. I don't know about him. May his good soul rest in peace.
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    I pray God for the peace of departed soul. The sad demise of the ITC chairman will be felt in the business circles. He was instrumental in bringing the phenomenal success to the ITC to emerge to such glorious heights.

    Few people have such a futuristic and acumenship in the business world as he had.

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