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    People with no bend and curve

    Members, I mean the people with their names. A name of an individual contains many alphabets. There are straight stroke alphabets, alphabets with curves, alphabets with bends, alphabets with a combination of straight stroke, curve and bend.

    Here I talk about names with alphabets which has no curve or bend (only straight strokes).

    I have a few names - MINI, ANIL. LENIN, LEELA, LALITA,

    Let us see your contribution to this thread.
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    MANI is another similar name. LATA is also similar
    The Tamilnadu ex-chief minister Jayalalitha's pet name AMMA
    NTR's pet name ANNA. LAL is also there as a name for some people. NITA is another one.
    These are the names I am getting which are similar.

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    Names without the bends. Interesting proposition. Some names could be like AHAT, WAHI, NEHA, WINNI, MITHI, NINA, LIKA, KALI, FALIT, KALIA and so on. This will be interesting to name people like that.
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