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    Contribution to Environment-Planting of a tree on birth of a child

    India is a Country of many traditions and culture. These traditions and culture has its own meaning and importance. In many parts of our Country there is a custom of planting coconut tree or some other tree whenever a child is born. This custom is good cause towards safeguarding the environment.

    In Piplantri village in Rajasthan whenever a girl child is born they celebrate the occasion by planting 111 trees. The deforestation is causing climatic imbalance and adversely contributing towards global warming. In this background the initiative of Piplantri village is worth appreciating.
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    A good thought for environment protection and increasing the green wealth around us. Many people have become aware now for the plantation and on many occasions plants are being planted in the parks, fields and other nearby places. I have witnessed in some functions that the plants in a pot are being given as a gift to the speakers and other dignitaries. This awareness is a great achievement in our society and we should inculcate it in our children so that they should become keepers and protectors of the environment. The most important thing today is the care of mother nature which is providing us so many things for our survival and well being. What can we give it in return? Perhaps a few trees here and there.
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    Planting of trees is very important to conserve our environment. Planting a tree by every person will contribute immensely in controlling deforestation.
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    This is a very good initiative taken by the people. When we are cutting forests for our use it's good thinking of people to plant trees when a child is born. I have seen people who think trees also their kids and take care of them like their kids. This is positive thinking as we need a number of trees to make our environment clean and fresh. Nowadays when we are cutting trees for our benefits, it looks great that there are people in the world who care for the environment. I have not seen people interested in planting trees because of space constraint and lack of time these days.

    We should take inspiration from these people and should plant at least 4 trees in a year as that would only make our environment free from pollution and that would help us to save it for our future generation.

    I am really proud of such people as they know their responsibility and doing it.


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    Planting tree is a noble cause and can be done at any function time or time of the year. This is the greatest service that we can do to support and enrich our environment. Many people are contributing now a days by planting trees in their neighbourhood.
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    A very good initiative. These days people are cutting the trees but nobody is thinking of planting a tree. The Piplantri village people are to be appreciated for the great cause they have undertaken. If all the villages and cities start such an initiative, the earth will become full of plants and trees. We will have more greenery. We will get sufficient rains and summer will be under control.
    I am happy to inform that 4 months back we have celebrated my granddaughter's first birthday. On that, we have gifted one plant to each of the invitees and asked them to plant it. We have planted some 25 plants in the open area in our house.
    Everyone should try to plant as many trees as possible so that we can compensate for the deforestation. Especially in cities where we have all concrete bungalows only, we should think of planting more and more trees.

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    Greenaries is the only solution to arrest pollution, scanty rain or elevation of temperature as witnessed by us in most of the pockets of our country. Though people are aware of its benifits but we lack seriousness in this direction. I do appreciate the steps taken by the Jharkhand to install regular plants so that density of the trees in the areas improve substantially.
    Even the SAIL management located in Bokaro Steel took this drive way back in 1983 and sustaining this activity has transformed the entire city into a greenary stage.
    Every year, on the eve of retirement of people of SAIL add one plant and this has added the numbers in manifold. Hope the other regions of our country will follow the same trend.

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    In our organisation, if anybody wants to cut a tree for any purpose permission from the top boss that is Chairman is required. If any tree is an obstruction for constructing a building the building will be constructed at a different place instead of cutting the tree. The whole area will be green and full of trees. If any Visitor comes to the factory we will get one tree planted by him in our premises and we see that the tree is nurtured properly. Every year plantation will be carried out by all the employees and thus new trees will be getting added year to year.
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    Glad to see this initiative by the village as whole. Yes, everyone of us can play our part in planting saplings to help to revive greenery.

    Now a days at birthday parties, summer camp/swimming course etc, people are giving out small plants to children to encourage them to water and nurture it. This is a very good concept that be followed in places wherever practical (instead of giving a gift item, gift them a sapling).

    There are also government initiatives in Karnataka, wherein we can avail free saplings if there are vacant plots or sites in an individual's name. The least we can do is at least to water the planted and neglect saplings in our own neighborhood.

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