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    How to cope up with distractions in our life?

    Every one wants to work hard in life and achieve success and compete in this world. While doing so many difficulties come and sometimes mind gets distracted to other things which are no way connected with our objectives or aims we are pursuing. These distractions could be of various forms ranging from simple entertainment to highly addictive hobbies. These distraction could be internal or from external sources. When these take over us we lose all the time and opportunity in them and lose in our endeavours miserably.

    What is your view about these challenges in our life? How to cope up with these distractions? Please share your views and comments on this.
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    A disciplined life will help us to control and manage our life better. Life has ups and downs, sorrows and happiness. It is up to us how to handle the different situations, happiness and sorrow. Our mind is like a Monkey, it keeps jumping. It is up to us to control our mind and bring back to the track.

    Everyone has their aims and objectives in their life. We need to work towards achieving those objectives. In achieving these objectives we may have to face many challenges. Life is not easy and it is not totally under our control. We need to face situations and work accordingly.

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    Whatever efforts and hard work we do, distractions will come time to time. They will try to defeat us in our purpose. We must tackle them in a strict and tough way. There is no need to succumb under their pressure. They should be nipped in the bud as soon as they emerge to lure us away from our goals and objectives.
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    Distractions are bound to happen. When I am seriously working on an issue, my granddaughter will come and ask me to show an animal video. I can't say no to her. So I use my Ipad for showing her the video and I will try to complete my work. But she never likes that. I should also watch the video with her. I have to spend some time with her and once she gets bored of seeing the videos she will go for some other work and I will start working again.

    But sometimes the distractions will be to our mind and it will not think about the work we are doing and but it will start thinking about some other issue and we can't concentrate on the work. For this meditation for some time daily and focusing on the work will be useful. It may give positive results.

    When we have some distractions like this it is better to take a break for a while and try to get relaxed and then again short working may help. But we should never allow these distractions to rule over on us. They should be kept under control.

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    The weaker the soul power, the stronger will be the distractions. If we have made up our mind to focus then no sort of distraction can trouble us. If we are getting distracted, it is clear that our focus is not complete. Thus, we need to discipline our mind and increase the power of concentration.

    It is easy to blame others for the interruptions they are causing to us. However, what about the internal distractions? Irrespective of whether the interruptions are caused from inside or outside, it is we who have the power to stop them or entertain them. We can either fall prey to them and allow them to disturb us or else continue our work without getting disturbed.

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