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    If you are a man, live like a spider

    Why I tell this to you to live like a spider, because a spider never fails. It succeeds after its many failure attempts. It never loses and get disappointed. It tries hard and hard to build its web. Have you seen a spider web/net and wondered the construction.

    @ Be a spider like man in your life.
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    The base point to your post is to Never Lose Hope, to Never Give Up!
    I believe we can learn a lot from any other species like:-
    1. Ants who never fails to do the work given to them however many times they fail, we need to incorporate that in our lives.
    2. A Dog who once acknowledges you, will never stop loving you whatever the type of person you're. We also need to do the same by standing by a family member or a beloved friend even if the whole world is against you.
    There are many other things like these wandering in my mind, but for now now I will take your leave, see you later and NEVER GIVE UP!

    Never Give Up!

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    I want to be an ant because it is the most industrious creature on earth as far as I know!but I am very lazy so I want to live like an ant.
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    It's just a saying. Spider has to work hard to make its web to catch insects for food and like it, we too work hard to earn money to avail food. It's not that we should live like a spider. Actually, every creature works hard to survive and that's how spiders survive.

    They are lazy because once their web is made they sit in its web waiting for a bug or an insect to get trapped which becomes its prey. So I won't recommend someone to be like a spider. It's just my opinion.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
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    There are many animals from whom we can learn some trait. Spider is one among them. It weaves its web to trap its food. The spider web is the most intelligent web to trap the small insects flying from here to there. It is made with very thin threads from the secretion from the spider but quite good in its strength to retain the insects trapped therein. The efforts and hard work which a spider does to complete its web is fascinating. It is a long job but it does it in a fast pace to finish it as quickly as possible without any errors and omissions anywhere. There is a lot for us to learn from the spiders web which is a marvel of the nature.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Man supposed to be a more intelligent animal in the planet. He plans his life and lives in a protective environment unlike animals and birds. But when it comes to working capabilities we compare with animals and other creatures and prove with evidence that they are more hard working than human beings. But human beings does less physical work and may be more mental work. The automation has made the life of human beings simpler. But animals and creatures have no such facilities and they have to do all their activity manually.

    Because these creatures does more physical work, I do not think they will have problems like bp, diabetes etc like human beings.

    Animals, birds and other creatures do not leave their work incomplete. If they fail they make several attempts till they complete the task. But this attitude we rarely find among human beings.

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    An interesting comparison by the author. We should bring same seriousness in our work as the spider does in making its web. The hard work associated with the focused approach till the spider completes it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    True. A spider fails but tries again and again till it will be successful. It will never give up its hope. An ant is a real industrious creature. Like this, we can learn many things from many animals. A dog is always loyal to its boss.
    The difference between a human being and an animal is an animal mind his own work. They never compare themselves with other animals and try to overtake them. But human beings are having a mind and they always think many ways. In that process, they may be suffering or making others suffer.
    But as advised by the author if we start working like a spider definitely we will be very successful in all our endeavours. Sometimes there may be some setbacks and we should withstand and correct ourselves and go ahead.

    always confident

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    A spider weaves a death trap, that is what a spider does. It does not matter if the web is painstakingly made or how perfectly beautiful it is, it is still a death trap. Yes, there are many, who like spiders, create webs, to trap people. Every con artist in this world is like a spider. The web of lies and deceit that they weave to perfectly execute their plan, is much like a spider's web. They trap gullible people the way spiders trap their prey. Spider webs are a thing to be admired, only as a wonder from the animal kingdom. The webs are a piece of art, but they are still a deathly trap.

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to emulate a spider, and its web weaving skill? Surely, there are other creatures that can be used as examples to exemplify hard work and dedication etc.

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    We cannot see many things physically and wonder about. There are very few things we come across while sitting at home or in offices or on the roads. Spider web is very common to see.

    Today morning, while I was cleaning my good old Padmini who was not active for a week, I could see a beautiful spider web. I spent some time to wonder its ability to build a web. That influenced me to create this thread. Though I have seen many spider webs in the past, this web attracted me much.

    The spider web could be a death trap for the spider to benefit, but the way it make is a wonder for all. We also should work hard like a spider for others to wonder and appreciate.

    Haven't you seen a smart Spiderman?

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    Spiders are venomous. They are potentially dangerous.

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    It is true that spiders may not be appealing to everyone but still, it cannot be denied that these creatures do not fail to teach incredible life lessons to us. The most important lesson which spiders teach is to stop dreaming and commence the work at the earliest. We, humans, spend so many precious days of ours in daydreaming and keep postponing the work for the future waiting for that perfect day to come. Instead of waiting we need to get started just like spiders do and once we are on our journey, we need not look back or stop.

    Spiers do not give up if their webs get destroyed. They are master engineers and begin their work from scratch. How can we not learn from them? Every time we face hurdles, we sulk and give up. Instead, we need to be like them. Learn from the mistakes and build from whatever is left.

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    Spiders do not demonstrate acquired skills; they spin their webs instinctively. They are master engineers because that is how nature intended them to be. They spend their entire life relying on a single strategy.

    Spiders do not take risks; they do not change tactics. They build the web and wait for the prey to walk in. If we were to follow the spider's way, we'd spend the rest of our lives working with a single plot with the hope that opportunities will be directed our way. Would that take us anywhere?

    I think spiders are beautiful creatures, with an inherent talent to create masterpieces. I admire the gift nature has given them, but I am not inspired by them. I don't want to be stuck in one place, doing the same thing. I want to soar. And for that I need to move out of my comfort zone; do things differently, take risks and push myself. Following a spider's way of life, would make me complacent – that would be the end of my dreams!

    I see it as having two options, one to be like a spider, and the other to not be like one. If I were to choose to imitate the spider, I'd go for a tried and tested plan that others found success in, so I'd copy what they did. However, I prefer the second option because it makes me use my skills and helps me grow. It allows me to challenge and test myself.

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    If you are a man, live like a man and no need to become a spider. It's an interesting creature and we learn many things from creatures around us. Actually many animals remain busy throughout the day but there are a few who are lazy too. The busy creatures hardly stop before finishing their task and this particular nature teaches us not to stop until we reach the destination. The design of the spider web is very good. That web is so uniform and maybe from seeing the web, somebody thought of the World Wide Web. It's just my guess.

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