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    Which country is hard to administer?

    There are two types of the nation exists in the world one is a nation which is developed and having a knowledge people the other nation is which is underdeveloped and more illiterate people as a head of the administrator for the administering a nation which country is difficult to rule a county which has developed and knowledgeable nation or a country which has underdeveloped and a lot of illiterate people because both have advantages and disadvantages which is easy to rule? Please comment on this thread.
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    Administering a country requires a tough control and discipline as well as the cooperation of the citizens to the administration. It is a team work and can succeed only when all the stakeholders contribute their bit. If their are opposition groups whose aim is to topple the Govt and come in the power then the whole energy will be wasted in that fight only and there will not be any time for development and progressive thoughts. So, any country where fighting in between the rival groups in the name of religion, caste or creed exists and people do not honour the national policies and rules and regulations, there, it is a herculean task to administer. No Govt can be successful there.
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    Administration is the most difficult thing in any system. The reason is that people do not like to abide by the hassles of following rules and regulations. Until unless the public of a country cooperates no Govt can function and administer properly.
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    Managing a small company also requires a lot of concentration and dedication and then what to talk about a nation. It is a real tough task. These days many politicians are selfish and they think more about them and their party before the nation. Everybody wanted power. So the people in the opposition always try to blame the government for some or other reason. In such conditions, it is very difficult to administer the country properly.
    All the people and leaders should cooperate with the government so that they can rule the country properly. But there are always factors like caste and religion to divide the people. These will play an important role than the nation's interest. Then it will become really difficult to govern the country. A country like India where there are many castes, religions, parties and regions, this is very tough to administer the country. Even though the government sincerely tries if the opposition party will not cooperate, the results may not be there.
    Mainly the sincerity and dedication of the people in the highest position will decide the fate of the country. If they are not proper nothing will go in the correct direction.

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    A country in which the people of that country don't know anything about or what is discipline will be very difficult to administer. We all know those countries who still remain underdeveoped.
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