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    What if Spectacles had wipers just like four wheelers?

    When I wipers attached to windshield glass of 4 wheelers a thought comes to my mind, what if we had spectacles with miniature battery-operated wipers? It may be a funny thought, but I think it can be really useful. For people with far vision power, it is often difficult to see through heavy rain when they are walking on the road or riding a two-wheeler or cycling. They cannot take out their spectacles also as it would be difficult to see without it. In such situations, spectacles with wipers would definitely help.

    Whenever it is raining people walking on the road or riding on two-wheeler can press the button in their spectacles frame and small battery-operated wipers would start moving to and fro over the spectacle's glasses just like four wheeler's windshield and it would enable them to see the road clearly.

    Just to check if this is my wild imagination or something like this already exists I did a google search and found some similar products are already there in foreign countries. I think they can be popular if they come to India especially in rain-affected regions.
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    A good idea to have spectacles with wipers. It will come handy during rains and also in situations when people come out of a cool room to the hot weather outside. In that case, droplets of water cover the glasses for some time making it difficult to see. Nowadays, there are glasses available with a coating of different chemicals that prevent harmful rays and moisture. But one thing is coming to my mind, though as long as it is not tested fully I am not certain. Wipers in cars are fine as it is fixed at a distance from our eyes. But, if the wipers are attached to the spectacles, which are very close to our eyes, will there be any distraction? If not, then this idea seems good.

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    Good idea but that's not practical because the spectacles would become heavy when they would have wipers and would be expensive for people to buy them as they will have battery too attached with them. Wipers are of no use except during rain, it would be better if the person takes off his spectacles when he is out in the rain.

    Moreover windshield wipers we use for little time when we drive a vehicle in the rain whereas when they would be on our specs it would create difficulty in the vision as we have to wear them most of the day. We cannot keep them switched continuously as we do in the case of four-wheelers. Though your idea is good, it's not practical to implement it.


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    People go on doing innovations and that results in such gadgets. If we search the internet there might be some design patents already submitted and registered in patent sites by the innovators. In case of light plastic wipers there will not be any problem of load on the spectacles and that can be used by the people. Only thing is we have to protect the spectacles from getting drenched with the rains and for that a felt cap with bigger flap will be required to cover it completely. Raincoat will be covering only the other parts of the body. So with these modifications and lighter spectacles it is possible to use them routinely.
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    A good proposal, but I won't recommend it. Let us not wear spects during rain. The rain won't lost long. Take rest and wait patiently for the rain to stop.
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    Good idea. Looks interesting. The moving wipers on the spectacles. Will it not disturb our vision? I mean some sort of disturbance. I have heard about in some song. It was amusing.
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    It is a very nice idea and it is really good to know that such products are available in some other countries. But I never heard about it and for the first time, I am hearing now. But in a small glass are they not going to cause obstruction for the vision. Otherwise. The RPM may be very high so that it will not cause any obstruction. However a good thought and a good innovation. They are not there in India so far I think. Once they are introduced in the Indian market the popularity will increase and there will be a very good demand for the product.
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    A creative thought and doubt I had since long after I started using specs.

    The ingenuity of human mind will come out with some innovative solutions- though not as expected but even in a better way.

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