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    Which time of the day is more suitable for creative writing?

    Creative writing requires a fresh mind full of ideas and contents. If the mind is tired and exhausted the writing will get distorted and ideas will go haywire. The message we want to give to readers will not propagate properly. Ultimately an inferior piece of prose will be created which will be too mediocre for the reader and will be assessed in same way by an editor or reviewer.

    In light of that I was pondering over whether it is the time of the day that matters for churning out a good writing or something else. From common sense I find out that morning time should be the best time as we feel fresh and ready to take the challenges for the day. But many people write during the late evening or night time. So, what in your opinion is the best time for writing? Or, do you feel that we can write anytime we feel to do so? Please share your views and experiences in this regard.
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    I do not think that it is related to any fixed time during the day but one thing is there that I can write only when I feel fresh and I do not have other pressing jobs. I want a free mind while writing. It is a prerequisite for me.
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    There is no time for creativity or creative writing. A creative mind always think about creativity. Close your eyes and think for your while. Your mind works to achieve it.
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    Generally, there is a belief that anything we read early in the morning after having a good sleep before the Sun rises we will remember it fast and we will understand better. In our school days, my mother used to wake me up around 4.30 AM and we used to read to 6.30AM. I think this is the best for all for reading as well as writing.
    But some people say it is better if we write in the evening after taking rest for an hour or so after coming back from office. All depends on the individual's thinking and habit. These days many people will not get up early in the morning. They will read and write in the night almost up to midnight. However, it is an individual's choice.

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    It depends on the mood of each person. Some people become very creative when they are alone in a peaceful atmosphere. Some people jot down the ideas as and when it comes to their mind and give description later whenever they find time.
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    It is true that creativity requires good ideas and better content to produce a piece of creativity that fascinates one and all. For crafting a better piece of writing, some people work late in the evening and for others, it works in the morning. It depends on a person to person how he is able to churn out his better piece of creativity.

    However, limiting creative work only to a particular time of the day would not be a fair thing. A person can be competent in unfolding his creativity at any point in time and not necessarily in the morning or evening. It depends from person to person.

    See what works for you and propagate your creativity accordingly.

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    I myself write poems, articles, quotes so with little experience that I have, I can say that the time doesn't matter for creative writing. The content and ideas for a creative writing are often spontaneous and just pop up anytime. You can be in a bus, in the bathroom, classroom, in bed trying to sleep at night. The important thing is to note down the idea at the exact same point cause it often vanishes from mind if pondered over some ideal time. The kind of ideas depend on the ideologies and inclination of the person whereas the only thing that matters for refined content is the experience. Hope this helps

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    I think early morning time is the best to write as our mind is fresh in the morning. Many of the people write in the morning itself.

    When I was a student I used to prefer morning time to study because for me it was the best time to concentrate on the subject.


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    Early morning is the best time not just for creative writing but for carrying out most of the things. It is said that it is the time of the day when we can find solutions to our unsolved problems within no time. However, it differs from one person to another.

    Some of us enjoy writing in the early morning when the mind is fresh. Whereas others may feel sleepy and tired and thus would not be able to create anything unique. They may enjoy writing in later hours of the day. There are some who would enjoy burning the lamp oil and get creative and poetic when the whole world is asleep. Thus, it is different with different people.

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    An interesting question. I personally think, it depends on the person and the circumstances. Many people believe that a fresh mind, morning hours are better. I feel, if the person has an inspiration or comes across a potential topic to write on, then he/she would be able to pen down their thoughts and ideas.

    It is important also to have a mind that is not pre-occupied, no deadlines or ambient noises and distractions around. Why not an hour after dinner, when the home or residence is quite, we are free of our commitments. We can recollect the day's events, if a thought is filed away in our minds, we can expand on it and do some creative writing.

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    Sunset. Works for me. I walk around sunset, clicking pictures of horizon, Sun and clouds. Then I look at those pictures for long until an idea sprouts in my mind. I write poems and novels. Will they come under your creative writing umbrella? If they do, then I do creative writing at sunset. You should try too. It's a highly inspiring time and place.
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    I think it's when you are prepared for that be it morning or late night. For example I can't be productive till something like late evening, I tried that a lot of times anyway. So please understand that we are all different. How many do you have this with you ?

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    There is nothing as such but I do agree that when we are free & not burdened from within than our creativity remains on its peak & this could be by any period of a day.

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