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    Do you go out of the house with some purpose or just like that?

    I remember that when we were small kids we were going out of the house just like that without purpose and used to wander around it and then do some childish gestures and then return to the house. This we were doing repeatedly till we got banged by the elders and sat to study. Today as grown up adults we are going out of the house only for some planned jobs. It could be shopping or deposit the utility bills or visit a neighbour. We do not go out just like that.

    Do you also go out only when there is a job or you go out if you just feel so to get a fresh breeze of wind or have a change from the indoor monotony. What is your liking in this matter? Can you share your thoughts on this aspect?
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    Yes, we used to do that when we were a child but not now. As having a fulltime exhaustive job I just go out for a workplace except that I don't get to go out. Also, I don't have a friend circle nearby home where I may go and sit for passing time. It's very rare that I go out of the home when all utility bills can be paid online and anything essential can be bought online.

    Even on Sundays I rarely go out of the home except when my kids insist on to watch a movie in a theatre, or for a picnic. Unlike in the past when we had to stand in the queue of the bank to withdraw/deposit cash, or to deposit electricity and water bill.


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    When we are kids we will feel like going out and roaming without any purpose. During my college days also I used to plan an outing on every holiday just like that without any purpose. I used to go with my cousin to the houses of relatives and spend some time with them. But after getting into the job, I was not getting time to spend time with my family. So slowly I stopped going out. If we go anywhere we all will go with some purpose and come back after completing the work. My job was involving a lot of travelling and at least three days a week I was on tour. So I got completely vexed with going out. Two years back I changed my job and the new job involves no travelling. Hence now I am spending more time with my family and I try always to be with the family. So these days I will be either in the office or in the house only.
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    People only go out of the house either for working and earning a few bucks to support his or her family or just to enjoys the atmosphere on picnic spots. I think everyone goes out of the house under one reason or the other but no likes to leave his house. Our houses are not islands where people come and spend some time and go. It is the abode of love that we share with our family. In the house, you share the bond of love with your family and take rest after a strenuous job in the day.

    However, people go out of the houses for a job or some important work that they feel is indispensable to do for the benefit of the family; otherwise, it is difficult for everyone to leave houses. Everyone is closely tied to their roots and it always difficult to leave those place, though, under some compulsion a person may leave for some time but always is eager to return back to his nest where he shares the thread of longing and love with his near and dear ones. one may leave his house for some time due to some reason but never stays away from it which binds us together as a family.

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    Generally I go out for a purpose. It could be a morning walk or fetch some provision or vegetable from the market or visit some friend or go to bank or some office. It is very unlikely that I will be going out just like that without any plan. Sometimes in the evening I feel to go out for some fresh air for a stroll and if I remember something to buy for the household, I will do that along with that. I may chit chat also if I happen to meet some neighbour or friend in the nearby market. Sometimes I do not mind chit chatting with the strangers also as that is very exciting as I come to know that the fellow is also staying in my own housing complex!
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    To adults it may seem that a child steps out of the house 'just like that', but a child is actually learning and exploring things. The purpose cannot be defined in terms of productivity and output, but there is definitely a purpose behind it.

    Every little experience teaches something to the child. Stepping out barefoot, in the afternoon sun, is a first-hand experience of how harsh the summer sun can be. Stepping out into the backyard, watching earthworms, builds interest in nature. Childish activities are part of growing up, they are part of our learning experience. They are the beautiful memories we carry with us, so they weren't 'just like that'.

    The only difference between my childhood days and now is that as a child I did not know what lessons I would learn when I stepped out, but somewhere in my subconscious mind, I must have wanted new experiences, which is why I stepped out. That is how I see it.

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    I don't even know when was the last time that I went out of the house without any purpose. We rarely do it. We only walk out of the house with some purpose behind it. Even when we step out to enjoy the fresh breeze, the purpose is to go for a walk to enjoy good health. Sometimes we step out for professional reasons and other times for personal. Whatever may be the reason we do it with the purpose beneath it.

    I think even kids go out with a purpose. The purpose may be to play, explore or spend some time with other kids. For us, it may seem they are wandering aimlessly and that is because we do not understand the purpose behind it. However, for them, they are carrying out the most important tasks of their lives.

    It would really be great if once in a while we would dare to step out of our sweet homes without any purpose. It may sound easy but it isn't.

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