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    Eliminating an individual for self-preservation is worthy by our law!

    Nowadays especially female gender is interested in learning in Karate and Taekwondo because with these martial arts they can be protected by themselves for an incidence a female for self-protection or self-defense or self-preservation unfortunately injured or Eliminating a person accidentally can it is accepted by the Indian Penal code?. Is it guaranteed that no case filed against her? If not, can our laws to be modified in our country? Do you think if a victim comes with proper evidence for self-protection he/she killed or injured a person is not a crime? please share your comments.
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    Harming or injuring someone during self protection is not a crime. It is equally applicable to men as well as women. If a person makes unwanted advances to a woman then she is allowed to protect her in whatever way she can do it. In such cases law will always be on her side. At the same time a woman can take advantage of that by harming a rival and alleging that he was advancing at her. So such cases will be dealt by the court on the available evidences and merit of the case. Court may ask more information about the history of the persons involved in the case and the opinion of the persons working at their work place as colleagues. The factual things will come to light when thorough investigations are carried out.
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    If someone is trying to harm you, you can protect yourselves. In such a case if there is any injury to the other person or death can't be treated as a criminal act. But police will book the case and the person should be able to prove that he has done it self defence.
    This rule is applicable to all the genders.
    When somebody trying to kill you or wound you , as an individual you can 't keep silent.
    You will try to protect yourselves by using your power. This is natural.
    But unnecessarily if we attack somebody and saying that for self protection is not acceptable. In such cases the courts will definitely find out the truth and the culprit will be punished.
    Exploiting the leverage given by the law is offense and can be punishable.

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    A person can always defend himself against an attack whether by using martial art techniques or by other things in self-defence. A woman or man both are allowed to defend themselves under attack when it seems a risk to life. A person cant look at the attacker or the person who is trying to harm him or her but he or she has every right to protect or defend himself.
    For self-defence, a person can use his techniques of martial art there is no problem under our legal system as for as a person is not harming anyone or killing anyone. Yes for those who don't obey laws will face heavy weight of the law.

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    When someone injures or kills a person in a self-defence then it's not called a crime. Then it all depends on the evidence if the person really has done it for self-defence or not.

    These days there are lots of crimes being done against the females so it is essential for females to learn some techniques to protect themselves from such monsters and there is no harm in it. Even the police organise camps to teach ladies about the self-defence techniques. Karate and Taekwondo are the known techniques and can easily be learned so people emphasis more on them to teach these to ladies.


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    If someone offends a woman it is an inexcusable crime. If the woman protects herself and in that process offends the person and harms him, there is nothing big in this. The offender should thank God that he is lightly harmed because in such situations to protect her chastity the woman can go to any extent and the onus will always be on the offender. So beware, never offend a woman.
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    No matter what the female gender would always get the favor in any type of circumstances & this is a proven fact that we discussed in the ISC too. The society needs to develop the taste of looking to both accordingly & not on the basis of some presumed thoughts and the sad part is that we have developed a taste of some presumed thought only.

    In today's world wherever you are you are being recorded with you being not aware of the same. All those are then uploaded in & other sites & we just need to put up with some words & I am damn sure that the results would be unexpected to the imagination of many of us who still having with the thoughts that something is never possible.

    The world has changed a lot but we have little time to think on the changes who is carried away with the presumed thoughts.

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    Yes, a lady can take initiative to defend herself in the hours of crisis and such an action is essential to save herself from the troubled phase. To that extent, this is right but in the past, we have come across such awkward incidences where to get the personnel gain, the ladies have implicated the male - partners levelling serious charges of rapes, molestation etc even though it was inconceivable for the opposite partner. This has been possible with the twisting of the facts before the court or the police - personnel. Moreover, enormous sympathy she gets from public with such a misdeed. We need to analyse the cases with the right perspective so as to ascertain the reality.

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    Refer to your following words in 66492613

    "If someone offends a woman it is an inexcusable crime."

    I beg to differ with you on this point. A woman, or even a man, can get offended for various reasons. All reasons may not warrant a physical attack on the offender. Suppose, I do not respond to someone's mail or messages, the person may feel offended, but does that warrant a physical attack? Is it an inexcusable crime? Well, I do not think so.

    Moreover, a person may get offended due to his/her preconceived notions or misinterpretations, and the other person (the so called offender) may not have intended anything wrong. Does that situation warrant a physical attack on the offender?

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