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    Is this saying true who give debt is a doctor!

    There is a say in Telugu "Appu ichuvadu Vaiydhudu" means who give debt is like a doctor. As the debt is very common word and known to everyone its range is spread from the country, state, rich, middle class, poor and very poor people and the debt will be in different forms it will be either in the form of money, gold, eatable items e.t.c.Do you agree when someone in need of money and if you giving debt is treated them to be a doctor? Please share your comments...
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    Sorry. No. Not at all. A person who gives money free or as loan without asking for interest can be compared with a doctor, but a person who gives loan with the chief aim of getting interest can be compared with a looter.
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    The meaning of that Telugu poem is known to you well, I think. The message from that poem is that all places should have a doctor, a person who will give loans, a lake with a continuous flow of water and a priest. If there is any place where any one of the above is not available you can't stay in that place and you should leave that place. This is a poem from Sumathi Satakam. But if you see that first line, for fun some people interpret this like what you have written. Anyhow, no doctor these days will give loan. He will make people take loans from others to settle the bills raised by him for curing our diseases. The health insurance companies are coming to the rescue of the patients.
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    The post was not very clear in its contents but now Mr Rao has explained the poem in details and things are clearer. The poem emphasises the presence of important things at different places and in that context the presence of a doctor everywhere makes a sense so that he will be available for the patients even in remote and backward places.
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    Dr. Rao has nicely explained the meaning of the poem. I guess there doesn't exist such place as far as present time is concerned. There exist no man who enjoys helping others in some way or the other by lending them money and other necessities. There exist no priest who teaches to differentiate righteousness from wrongdoings. Moreover, the scarcity of water is known to every one of us. It is said that in the absence of even one of these entities, we should quit staying in that place and move to another. However, most of us are living our lives in the absence of all three and the reason is we doubt whether there will be a place in the entire world in modern times where all these three entities coexist side by side.

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    It is interesting to note that how different people can interpret the same sentence in different meaning. It is good that finally we have understood the thing in its intended meaning.
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