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    Shahid Afridi stuck in another controversy.

    Just now I was going through the news and found out that Shahid Afridi is a misogynist.

    He has just written an autobiography by a name " Game Changer" which he was during his time. I remember he was a very explosive batsman and used to perform whenever Pakistan needed him. He was a very valuable player for his team.

    He has four daughters and he says he won't let anyone of them play cricket or should say any outdoor game.

    "Ajwa and Asmara are the youngest and love to play dress-up. They have my permission to play any sport, as long as they're indoors. Cricket? No, not for my girls. They have permission to play all the indoor games they want, but my daughters are not going to be competing in public sporting activities," he said.

    It's sad that people whom we think our ideal have such a narrow mind.
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    The controversies are deliberately created by Shahid Afridi. The controversy will give wide publicity for his Auto Biography "Game Changer". What was the reason for him to now admit his age and talk of about his his daughters playing cricket?. Already lots of media publicity s given for the Shahid Afridi's age controversy and now he talks about girls cricket. Pakistan has women's cricket team and why Shahid Afridi say he does not allow his daughters to play cricket. Is it now double standards on the part of Shahid Afridi. Being a cricketer he should rather encourage them to play cricket.
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    His daughters may not be up to the mark to play cricket. Who knows? They may not be fit enough both physically and mentally to play cricket or any other outdoor games. So sit and play indoor games suits them. A right father's right decision.
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    His autobiography has many controversies. I read that his remarks about Kashmir, his age and about the remarks on other Pakistani Cricketers created controversies. I understand, he also mentioned about 2010 match-fixing problem and he says that he is aware of this match-fixing in advance. One way it may be good for him as people may go for reading the book and may get wide publicity.
    He criticised Gautam Gambhir also saying that he is having an attitude problem. Gautam Gambhir replied saying that Shahid Afridi should be taken to a Psychiatrist.
    As a good crickter, he might have encouraged his daughters to play cricket but he has gone on the other way. We may not be able to understand the reasons for his decision. Sons and daughters should be encouraged to take up the profession and education what they like and parents should encourage. If his daughters are not interested it is OK. Otherwise, he should not stop them from playing whatever they like.

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    The behaviour of a person is affected by his vested interest. Shahid Afridi has written a book and he will like it to be the bestseller of the year or famous otherwise and to meet that objective he will be using some mean tricks. If the tricks work he is a gainer. If they do not then he becomes a rigid believer in the Islamic principles. If it is not for this purpose that he is behaving this way then only we can conclude about his narrow mindedness and religious rigidity.
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