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    Ambulances struck in Traffic , Patients life at risk

    The Road traffic in most of the cities are very bad. The vehicular movement during the day time will be dead slow. We will be haplessly hearing siren of the Ambulances which get struck in busy traffic. The situation is such that no vehicle will be in a position to give way for the ambulance. The journey otherwise would have taken 5 minutes will take more than 30 Minutes due to traffic. One can understand the anxiety and tension of patients and the relatives.

    How patients could get timely medical attention?. Are there any alternative for patients in avoiding traffic?
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    In a city like Delhi where the traffic jams are very normal, ambulances usually get stuck in the jams. I have been the viewer many times when the ambulance keeps on giving the horn but doesn't get the way to overtake. It's very sad that people don't understand that someone may be fighting with life and has to reach the hospital at the earliest.

    Recently near Akshardham, Delhi I saw such a case where an ambulance didn't get the way even the people were trying but they could not because of the heavy traffic there. The government should take a measure to fight with such a situation because day by day the number of vehicle is going to increase only.


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    My suggestion - Every major hospital in major cities should be provided with a helipad. Also, sufficient Helipads should be constructed in different locations for the helicopter to airlift the patients. Instead of road ambulances, we should have mini helicopter ambulances to transport the patients. This is the only way to overcome the problems we are facing today.

    Else, there should be roads marked for ambulances only. It should get connected to the main roads. Main roads should have a separate lane for the ambulances.

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    This is really a serious problem in the big cities where due to traffic jams especially in morning and evening hours, the ambulances are struck in the traffic. There is no easy solution. Helipad construction and heli-lifting is one such solution as suggested by Mr Sun but that is to seen for the financial viability though it should not be a factor when there is a question of saving a valuable life. The roads are also not sufficiently wide to give a dedicated lane for the ambulances.
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    Ambulances are the most important thing for a patient and things should be made possible for the smooth functioning of these ambulances. They are the life lifting and soul saving vehicles. And we can't afford to get them stuck in a traffic jam.
    While traffic jam is a massive problem in almost everywhere in the country but ambulances are important and it is necessary to allow them to pass safely to reach the hospitals. A patient who needs emergency medical care gets stuck in a traffic jam, think of the pain and suffering that he or she undergoes during this period. It is quintessential to streamline the traffic and stop hampering the movement of ambulances, stopping an ambulance in a traffic jam may cost the life of a person if not taken to the hospital immediately.

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    In big cities many times this happens. The drivers will not give way to the ambulance even though the siren will be continuously on. Yet times the other drivers don't have a chance to give the ambulance a way and sometimes even though there is a way also he will not give. A good and responsible driver should give way to the ambulance as there may be a patient who is very critical. By giving way you are helping a person to get saved. Many times in Hyderabad I have noticed this problem. I always ask my driver to leave a way for the ambulance. But sometimes the ambulance will be in the middle of a traffic jam and it can't move in any direction. To clear the traffic jam it may take a long time also sometimes.
    The suggestion given by SUN is a good suggestion. But it will become costly and many people can't afford this. Once you reach the hospital by helicopter, you may be considered a big rich man and the bills will be very much on the higher side.
    The traffic conditions should be improved and lanes should be marked for fast vehicles and all the drivers should follow traffic rules and lane culture. Then there may be some improvement.

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    There does not seem to be any solution to this problem. The ambulances are generally blocked to their destination by the traffic jams and the patient is suffering. Lifting by air only seems to be a solution but we have to see the practical aspects of it.
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