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    The art of mutual understanding and coexistence.

    Whether it is family life or friendship or workplace many people are suffering from conflict syndrome and fighting to each other without any significant reason. This is very common and creating a stress and unhappy situation in their life.

    I feel that instead of having more misunderstanding in between, one has to find the ways of sacrificing and caring for each other and then only we can have a environment of coexistence. Everyone wants a personal space for oneself and if that is not given to one then one will quit the scenario.

    It requires patience and a lot of self control and positive thought process to change the present situation of alleging and fighting on trivial things to a happy and simple life where there are no matters to be fought unnecessarily. What do the members feel about this? Please give your views.
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    The main cause of the problem is we always come to the conclusion that "I am ok and others not ok". We do not have patience to properly listen and understand the problems of the other person. Over and above that we have Super Ego. The ego will not allow us to accept our mistakes. We try to keep justifying our mistakes. This attitude results in misunderstanding and conflicts.

    It is always better to listen to the other person properly before jumping to any conclusion. A patient hearing will help us to understand the problems better and facilitate suitable solution avoiding conflicts.

    We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak- Socinova.

    "If you don't understand my silence, you will not understand my words"

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    Mutual understanding and coexistence are only possible when an individual accepts to accept others. Until an individual learns to accept and embrace the others around him, the dream of peacefully coexisting with others will never come true.

    Conflict gets created when one starts feeling that one is right and others are wrong. It is okay to have an opinion but strongly sticking to it without seeing the things from others point of view brings in the conflict. Where there is a conflict, peace does not exist. Though one may continue to coexist with others such coexistence will be based on the foundation of quarrel and inner rivalry. Thus, it is important to accept everyone and understand their point of view for peaceful coexistence.

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    This depends on both the parties involved. In a family, a wife and husband can get adjusted and can have a peaceful life if there is a mutual understanding. If that is missing conflicts arise. Same is the case with other relations also. We should give a patient hearing of another person's voice also before we take a decision. If we will not consider another person and we go on taking our own decisions, the definiteltly conflict will come and their union may not go longer. These problems will be more if both the parties are having their own egos and stick on to their point of view only. If at least one of them can have the patience of hearing the other person's argument and try to understand the point, the situation may be a little better.
    These problems will come not only in the house but also in the workplaces also. There the person with higher authority thinks that he is correct and when the other person will not accept his argument, the problem starts. In this process generally, the subordinate may have to accept his higher authority's view.
    Coexistence without any disputes will be possible when we think the point from the viewpoint of others.

    always confident

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    A nice thread by the author. Living together is not so easy. It requires to respect the other person in totality and and also respect his privacy. Coexistence requires patience and sacrifice both of which are difficult traits as far as human nature is concerned.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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