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    The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.

    It's rightly said by the knowledgable people. The person who doesn't work how can he do a mistake. In an office, there are people who are always criticised for the way they work but that's wrong if they take it seriously. They should learn from every criticism and try to improve.

    It is believed that we learn more from mistakes than we learn from doing things correctly. More important than making mistakes is learning from them. And right after that comes is analysing ourselves how to do better next time, because there will always be a next time, right?

    We all make mistakes when trying new things. Everyone doesn't have luck and cannot do everything correctly in the beginning but with the time we learn and get better. That brings us back to the quote. If we never did anything new, we'd only be doing the things we are good at, and that means few mistakes.

    Do you lead from your mistakes? Or do you repeatedly keep on doing the same mistakes?
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    A very interesting and fact of the matter post by the author. It is obvious that those who do not work do not commit mistakes. That is altogether a different story that they do not learn anything and do not gain any experience also in their life and that impedes their progress also. So in fact they will suffer because of their own lethargy and escapism from work. A man without work is like a corpse. He is alive but otherwise dead as he has not contributed anything. He is just like a log of wood lying at some place.

    Such people might be happy in their own way but it is the most humiating and disgraceful if one does not work.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is very true. More work more mistakes and no work no mistakes. Person who does more work likely to commit more mistakes when compared to a person who does not do any work. It is quite common phenomenon in the Government organizations. There is no accountability and job responsibility properly assigned to each employee. Even if it is assigned it is very difficult to fix the responsibility and to take disciplinary action against the erring employees. Lots factors comes in the way.

    It will be an ideal situation where we do more work with no mistakes. A Japanese concept Poka-yoke talks about avoiding such human errors in the process. The mistakes committed by human beings causes loss to the organization as the same work need to be done again resulting in wastages.If we adopt the system Poka-Yoke, the organizations will benefit immensely.

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    I agree with the author that mistakes should be taken as stepping stones where we can learn and realize everything that has gone wrong. The same can be avoided in the future so that our journey progresses at a better pace and remain hurdle free. However, some of us may love to do the same work over and over again. I feel there is nothing wrong with doing the repetitive work. Though one may not get to learn something new, still, it is like a comfort zone which is cozy and appealing. When we opt for something new, we will face new hurdles. Thereby it is obvious that we will commit some mistakes. It takes time to figure out new things. Thus, mistakes happen.

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    When we do something only, the question of correct or incorrect comes. If we don't do anything, there is no question of good or bad. The mistakes will be more for the person who works more and who is having more work on his head. In may offices, we see one or two people will be hardworking and some people may go on doing their work and some people may try to avoid their work. The chances of getting mistakes will be more to the person who is working hard.
    But it can't be an excuse. One should analyse his mistakes and understand why they are happening and he should not do the same mistake again and again.
    Another problem I notice is the bosses will support the people who are not working and they will never advise them to complete their work. But the same bosses will shout on the person who has done some work but there a few mistakes. There is nothing wrong in shouting on the person who did some mistakes at the same time they should see that the non-workers will also start working.

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    It is very true that some people just idle their time in their work places and do not attempt to do anything unless they are forced upon by the management. Such people have no initiative to work and are a burden on the organisation. It is also a fact that if they do not work where is the question of going wrong in that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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