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    Pollution free train vs Bullet train which one you choose?

    As we know India is buying a bullet train(from Mumbai-Ahamadabad) from Japan (the most innovating country) as India is facing a serious problem from pollution and if this money is invested for a pollution-free train it will be hugely benefited and the Worlds first Hydrogen train emits only water and steam which is a pollution free that is made in Germany. Does India want a pollution free train or bullet train which is the need for an hour? Please share your comments.
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    We require both trains. Maybe for longer routes, bullet trains are good as that will save the time of the passengers where as for short routes pollution free trains can be used to make the environment less polluted. By the way, electric trains don't pollute the environment. It was when there were diesel engines which I think is not in much use these days.

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    To keep the surroundings and environment clean it is necessary to go for pollution free trains. They are the need of the hour. Anything which helps in reducing pollution is truly welcome.

    At the same time we can not ignore the high speed trains. All the developed countries have already gone for that and it is imperative that we should also take measures to reduce the time of travel between the places.

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    The solution is we require high-speed pollution free trains. Till such time we have to accommodate both that is pollution free trains as well as high-speed trains. I understand that the hydrogen train is a recent addition and not very popular in the world. This will take some time to get more and more such trains manufactured. These trains are also moderately fast and much better than what India is having these days.
    When the question of Bullet trains comes a big question which comes to our mind is that are the railway tracks in our country can withstand such speed trains. Many of our tracks are very old and they may not be good for very fast trains also. The government should think of improving the position of the tracks so that speed trains can also run on such tracks. Otherwise thinking of Bullet proofs is difficult. Of course, they may introduce these trains on the routes where the tracks are good and where they can withstand high speeds.

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    Otherwise thinking of Bulletproofs is difficult. not Bulletproofs it is Bullet trains... type mistake
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    We should experience everything in our life, from a donkey ride to a journey by air. We should have pollution free trains and also the high speed bullet trains. We have enjoyed travelling in locomotives with steam engines, diesel engines with heavy smoke, and we are with smoke free electric engines now. There is no time for us to spare in this busy world. To be with the world community, we too need high speed bullet trains.
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    Bullet train is an ambitious project and I do not know whether our infrastructure is adequate enough to absorb that as a routine transport system in our country. On the other hand pollution free trains are the need of the time and we must go for them in a big way.
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    Does Bullet Train run on fuel? It runs on electricity and therefore can be considered pollution free. India already has trains that run with electric engines. They are pollution free. Many long-distance trains run on fuel and efforts should be there to convert them into electrical ones. Everywhere in India, the local railway network is run on electricity and hence pollution free. Pollution is a concern in every sector and in many long distance trains, the toilets are being converted into environment-friendly bio-toilets. Effort must be there to complete the task at the earliest.

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    #664974 Where does that electricity gets generated... by burning coal, it exhibits pollution or Hydro power it exhibits pollution...
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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