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    Does India need a law criminalising fake news?

    As the use of social media is being used extensively by people these days and many things we read which are irrelevant and fake. People usually think such fake news true and forward them to others and in the process, a chain is created and people literally start believing in such news which ultimately defames others. Don't you think it's high time to punish such people who spread rumours through social media and restrict spreading of such things? What is your opinion on this?
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    Every invention or discovery can be used for carrying out good as well as bad. It is because they come with advantages as well as disadvantages. Social media too can be used for so many good things. One can spread so much awareness and news to educate people about everything that is going around in corners of the world. Instead, people find fun in spreading fake news and create chaos in the process, While doing so they are not really understanding the depth of the crime they are committing. They may not have created the message. Forwarding it to others without knowing whether the information is real or fake is also a crime. Definitely, there should exist laws that can bring some control in spreading of such fake news.

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    It is true that fake information in the media is doing a lot of harm in the society as it is misleading the public and creating a lot of confusion in the minds of people and unnecessarily provoking the masses.

    It is high time that we should have a strict legislation to combat this evil and until the people who are originating such messages are punished, things will not improve.

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    There is a absolute need to frame rules and Laws on the subject matter. People are misusing the social media to defame others. In this regard a petition has already been filed by Advocate Anuja Kapoor before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India on 01/03/2019 seeking directions to Government of India for framing of laws against fake news.

    Social media is the fastest media to transmit the information. The fake news transmitted has several serious repercussions. The criminals make use of the social media to create disturbance in the society by spreading fake news. Therefore it is very essential to enact strict rules wit stringent punishments to the people who source and spread such fake news.

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    It is true. We receive many forwards in our WhatsApp and Facebook. But we don't know whether the news is correct or fake. When we are not sure of the message what we received we must not forward them for some others. If everybody thinks in this way and stops forwarding unconfirmed news, the news may not become viral on the media. But we will never think about the authenticity of the news. Just we received and we will forward it.
    If somebody complains about fake news in which he was also involved police will take the complaint and start taking actions to find out the originator and will punish him.
    There should be some strict rules and regulations in this regard. If a person creates and sends fake news on Social media, he should be punished so that nobody will do such acts again and again. Forwarding such fake news is also should be considered as illegal and appropriate action against such people should also be taken.

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    Seeing the present trend of the fake videos in the media it is essential that Govt should take some stringent action against this evil craftsmanship by the notorious elements who are simply making all of us fools with such cheap activities.
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    We get a lot of updates through social media and not all of them are true. Fake information is also circulating on the internet, so it is essential to look and verify the information before forwarding it to the other people.

    Social Media has become a basic platform for staying connected to each other. It provides us a lot of valuable information also but social media, at the same time, is also misused by some hotheads creating rumor.

    We can constructively use social media but then there are those who like spreading fake news and create uneasiness and disturbance in the communities.

    So, I think it is good to have a law to criminalize the fake news and stop this chain of propaganda on social media which is dismantling the social fabric and sometimes snatching our mental peace.

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    To my knowledge the action has already been introduced & the issues has also been raised with the Facebook who is owning the WhatsApp software that at a time the maximum of five recipients can be added to in the list while sending messages and any additional addition will not allow the process. While this is one of the restrictions being imposed on few of the other social media networks, few remained out of reach of its control. These includes the statements of the journalists & the politicians who has their own propagandas to carry with and these are very much operational to against the ruling government with the sad thing is that even the law is undermined here.

    The most famous among those is the public statement of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi who had to apologize to the CJI for misinterpreting the "Chowkidar Chor Hai" context but even after this he is unstoppable in the other public meetings with the same slogans.

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