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    Do you think over cleanliness habit is a psychological disorder?

    As recently there is a Telugu movie called Mahanubavudu in that Hero is suffering from a psychological disorder that is nothing but an over cleanliness. The Hero character is portrayed like this Anand (Sharwanand) is a young man who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder and is very picky on cleanliness and neatness. He doesn't even dare to touch others hands since they contain germs and bacteria and has a heavy fear towards hospitals since they have infectious patients. Do you think over cleanliness habit is a psychological disorder? Do you find this kind of person in real life? At his very old age, my grandfather (Mothers father) is of the same kind The Telugu movie is really worth watching...
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    Cleanliness is very important. A clean environment will give us a disease-free life. One should always keep their surroundings clean and hygienic. Otherwise, health problems will arise. So the more the cleanliness you maintain, the chances of getting sick are less.
    In olden days people used to clean their hands and legs before they enter into their houses. They used to change the dress and then only they used to eat. These days we feel these are all not required. But those habits are good and if we follow them we will be safer.
    But overdoing is not good. Cleaning a cleaned vessel, again and again, washing the hand every time after shaking hand with somebody, may not be required. This over cleanliness is a disorder, I feel. But taking correct precautions and observing cleanliness and maintaining hygienic condition can't be a psychological disorder.

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    The health hazards on account of unhygienic condition and pollution is on the increase. Therefore we need to take required precautions on cleanliness. But excessive cleanliness could also be symptoms of psychiatric disorder. The term for such disorder is called "Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)". There are different categories of OCD like repeatedly checking the door locks , Unnecessarily hording things at home , repeatedly washing hands because of the fear of germs due to contamination etc.,. People with these syndrome are required to take medical treatment.
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    There is no doubt that cleanliness is an important factor in our life. It is very much required for the hygiene and health. At the same time the too much concern for cleanliness is not a good sign as it pertains to an obsessive compulsive disorder which as per the psychologists is a bad sign for the individual who is observing it. Any extreme habit is characterised as obsessive compulsive disorder and is acts as an retarding agent on the personality of the individual. Such persons are trapped inside the web of these extreme habits and can not get out of this entanglement. There are psychological and clinical approaches to cure such habits but it takes time to reduce them to minimal level and medical and psychological scholars are pursuing research work to find solutions to such psychological aberrations.
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    Really an interesting one when to discuss on "over cleanliness habit is a psychological disorder".

    My conclusion would be that in this world the norms for routine transactions are set & anything beyond this would be considered as different & unusual for others. The extreme phenomenon of over cleanliness may be one of its kinds wherein the practitioner would be looking to the outside world from a different view point with some sort of allergic to even those which may not prove to be harmful like restricting to visit the hospitals etc.

    The mentality of an individual seems to be over cautioned here so as to keep him or herself safe from the unrecognized living world of bacteria & diseases. I don't feel that this is something which we can refer to as "psychological disorder".

    Each one of us is afraid of something which we are not aware of & so is the case here but for the sake of entertainment & nothing else.

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    Over cleanliness is definitely a disorder as it indicates towards a type of abnormality in the individual who is suffering from this syndrome. Cleanliness is a good thing as it keeps the environment healthy and conducive to human living but at the same time over cleanliness is not required. It is an unnecessary burden on the mind of person observing it.
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    Cleanliness is important to stay healthy and stable but overdoing it means a person may have an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a psychological disorder which forces a person to repeatedly wash his hands, clothes; even when a person shakes hands with the affected person. Under the grab of cleanliness, such people are using excessive water and using doles of litres to wash but they are not satisfied; because this is a psychological disorder and affected person should consult a psychiatrist.
    However, it is always good to keep oneself neat and clean; prevent the infections and diseases prevalent in society but over cleaning is wasting the precious water, which the world is already short of, and it is compulsion under the psychiatric disorder which is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder that force a person use extra water and yet not satisfied!

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